Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 30 {#GratefulNovember}


This past weekend was an absolute blessing! Getting to spend time with family is always cherished memories but today, both grandmothers, my mom, & I spent the day exploring the city! We made memories that I will never forget. I am so thankful for these women, the lessons they have taught, & values they have instilled.

I am so grateful you have joined me in this #GratefulNovember series & hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! Let's not forget to count our blessings long after the Holidays are gone! Here's to wishing you & yours a wonderful & blessed holiday season!

Frankly my dear...I am among some fabulous woman!

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Quick Black Friday + Day 29 {#GratefulNovember}

Happy Black Friday, Y'all!! 

I hope everyone one of you are still stuffed with yummy food & are refreshed with family time...and maybe some football! With the holiday I don't want to take too much time away from my guests but I thought I'd do a quick Five on Friday...more on Thanksgiving to come this week!

{one} Engagements. My fellow ginger friend & college roomate got ENGAGED yesterday. She's the last of the four of us so we are all SO pumped for her! I can't wait to help plan her wedding & all the fun things that will lead up to it! Congrats Adam & Lyns!!!

{two} A Full House! I can't explain to y'all how much I am complete with a home full of friends & family. I love to host, entertain, & just be around my family and friends. This was my second Thanksgiving to play host & I am so excited to be continuing this loved tradition. Although entertaining can be trying & crazy...I can't get enough of it!

{three} My Husband. Obviously I love this man to pieces but today I am reminded why I love him so! His parents were unable to make the drive this weekend so he has been stuck with my parents, grandparents, & grandmother all weekend. He loves them all the same and that makes my heart so full to have a husband who welcomes, humors, & jumps right in! He has been such a trooper through a full house & even our shopping trips! Does it get any better than that?

{four} Mexican Train. Family game night has nothing on an afternoon with a full belly & some healthy family rivalry! 

{five} Day 29 {#GratefulNovember} Black Friday Shopping....of course!
I look forward to this day every year! I absolutely love the idea of snagging a good deal & the rush of all the crowds. I'm crazy I know but my mom & I aren't too hard core so it's more fun than some of those more "intense" shopper.

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Frankly my dear...Safe Shopping, Loves!

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 28 {#GratefulNovember}


Today I am eternally grateful to be part of a family who holds tight to tradition. From the time I was a child, Thanksgiving was spent with cousins, aunts & uncles, & family friends. Christmas followed suite. I have so many memories of our family at Thanksgiving & Christmas and I am so thankful to have that blessing. Although the last two years our traditions have been changing, I will always treasure past ones & look forward to celebrating new ones!

Excuse the early morning snap shot but this was our turkey this year!

Frankly my dear...Gobble till ya wobble!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 27 {#GratefulNovember}


If you can't tell, I am excited! It's been a long time coming & Luke and I are SO so SO thankful to have a mortgage out of the way. Although I am so sad that our first home is officially someone else's "home"...we have started the next chapter and have a new "home." So blessed y'all!!

Frankly my's to the next season!

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Spice Up Your Thanksgiving

My favorite part about Thanksgiving --besides the main course...and dessert-- is the constant snacking that follows throughout the remainder of the weekend. Don't get me wrong, the meal is the main event, but the snacking...or grazing as I also call just a delsh!

So this afternoon I wanted to share with y'all a family favorite on the snacking menu - Spicy Crackers! Theses little firecrackers are quick, easy, & sure to be a hit!

What you'll need:

  • 1 Box of Saltine Crackers
  • 1 Dry Ranch Seasoning Packet
  • 2 Tbs. Crushed Red Pepper
  • 1 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil
  • 9x13 Plastic Container with Lid 

What to do:
  • Place all the crackers into your plastic container.
  • Mix dry ranch seasoning, crushed red pepper, & vegetable oil in a bowl. 

  • Pour the mixture all over the crackers.

  • Put the lid on the container, make sure it's sealed well, & SHAKE!
    • This is a great chance to bring your kids into the kitchen! I remember my mom would always let me shake the container..Such a fun memory!

  • Flip the container every 15 minutes for about an hour to make sure all the crackers are well coated.

  • ENJOY!!
I hope that this Thanksgiving brings you & yours great blessings. Family is irreplaceable so enjoy this holiday season!

Frankly my dear...Spice on Snackers!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 26 {#GratefulNovember}

The Holidays.

Tomorrow my parents & grandparents will be arriving to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am so excited to host my second Thanksgiving & for everyone to be in our new home! It's hard to believe this will be our second Thanksgiving as a married couple but I am so grateful for all that we are blessed with...including extraordinary family!

Last Year's Turkey Day!

Frankly my dear...Give Thanks Y'all!

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Favorite Things Link-Up: Stocking Stuffers!

So last week I missed out on Elise & Jen's "These are a Few of my Favorite Things" Link-Up...but not today! Especially Stocking Stuffer Edition...C'mon....stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning!! Growing up I always had the biggest stocking (who am I kidding...I STILL do!). Santa always packed it overflowing with the coolest things! So this year I found the perfect way to hint at Santa some other great ideas...

{one} Pandora Charms... I am on my second bracelet so a new charm would fit perfectly down in my stocking...and on my bracelet!
I am thinking the Vino is Perfect!
Speaking OF...have y'all seen these? It's a single serve can (yes...CAN) from a winery in Cali!
Sofia Mini Singles

{two} How about these Sweater Coffee Mugs from Target?! I want! 
Snagged this Pic from Christina's post last week...I just adore them!

{three} I am a lover of lists so an adorable note pad like this one from Design Darling...ideal! And don't forget the pink pens!

"Get it Done" Rifle Notepad
Le Pen - Pink

{four} Of course, Anything monogrammed will do!

Glitter Coozies via BCS Designs

{five} A daily devo is also a great stocking stuffer! I've read this one before but there are similar ones out there that are really great! After all, it's impossible to be blessed with the incredible things around us without giving thanks to the one who provides it all!


And lets not forget the men in our lives!! I found this on Home of Malones & it couldn't be more perfect! 

So that about wraps up my Stocking Stuffer Faves! What about y'all?! Did I miss a must have!?

Frankly my dear...Stuff away y'all! 

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 25 {#GratefulNovember}

UK Basketball.

Despite tonight's not so pretty win, I am thankful to Bleed Blue! Born and bred in the Bluegrass instills a love for basketball like no other (and possibly my Daddy's passion from an early age). It's unexplainable but yet so real. Living in Big 10 country it's a bit more difficult to catch the Cat's but that's no obstacle for a true fan!

Frankly my dear...Go Cats!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 24 {#GratefulNovember}


Today Luke & I decided to try a local church. We've really been missing our home churches but between moving to a new place and harvest schedules, finding a church has been impossible. With a somewhat more regular schedule approaching and finally a free Sunday, we jumped at the opportunity to attend a Baptist church just a couple miles from our home. It's slightly bigger than what we are used too, but we were so welcomed & they taught straight from the word...two essentials we were thankful to have found.

Wallen Baptist Church

I am going to share a little bit of what's been on my heart lately...mostly because it's been on my mind AND this morning's sermon was on it..God moment for sure. As our two year anniversary is approaching in several months, the big question on everyone's mind is...Kids? I usually roll my eyes & laugh historically because that might be the farthest thing from our minds at this point, but should it be? If there is one thing I've learned this past year is that God's timing is always perfect & we can honestly say that's NOT one thing we want to rush (or are thinking about...) but with everyone around me, it's hard to not think about.

Honestly, at this point I think it's been on my mind for a couple reasons....everyone is asking, people around me are experiencing it, & it's the next step in our lives. It's crazy how our whole lives we measure time by what's next...high school graduation, college, college graduation, getting a job, getting engaged, getting married...and It's just natural. But I also think that, as getting engaged has become such a to-do, babies are becoming the same way...weekly pictures, gender reveals, baby showers, photo sessions, & the list continues. Is it that I am thinking about kids or all the "fun stuff" that comes with it?

If Luke & I weren't ready before, this morning's service sealed the deal. The sermon was entitled Parenting 101. It was the final segment of a series of sermons on leaving a legacy. He preached straight from Proverbs about the responsibilities of parents & the covenant Christian parents make with God to raise a child up in the ways of the Lord. It was an incredible perspective & gave me hope that although God requires much, he provides us with instruction on what to do. It's exciting & nerve racking at the same time. A HUGE takeaway I took from the sermon was that I need to start praying for my future children's heart TODAY. Proverbs explains how the heart is what God requires and what truly leaves a legacy! Awesome! So that is why I am truly grateful for prayer & a God who loves his children enough to provide instruction for their children!

Frankly my dear...Prayer is awesome!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 23 {#GratefulNovember}

Christmas Shopping

What. A. Day. ....This morning Luke got home from work & we decided to do a little Christmas Shopping. A to-do list & "quick trip" ended 9 hours, 15+ stores, several $$, & two exhausted shoppers later! I am so blessed to have a husband who braved the crowds & shopping crazies to help me Christmas shop for our families & grocery shop for Thanksgiving at our house. Our day may have been long, but I would not trade a second of it!

Frankly my dear...I have the best hubby!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday + Day 22 {#GratefulNovember}

Shew...this weekend could not have come soon enough. Despite that fact I love being busy with work, I cannot stop making my to do list for family arriving in FIVE days!

{one} Thanksgiving Menu of course! These sweet printables from Designer Blogs have me thinking about putting my chalkboard skills to use & making my own! I spent last weekend finalizing the menu with mom & I can NOT wait for Granny's Mashed potatoes!

{two} Are you a No-Reply Blogger??? I was! Until, thankfully Kasey from Life and Love with Mr. Wonderful helped me out! She's pointed me in the right direction & now I'm a real commenter! 


Not sure if you are a no-reply blogger? Test to see!
Leave yourself a comment on your blog. Check your email. See who it's from! If it's from your're in the clear...if not you need to check out one of these blogs to get fixed up!

{three} With Thanksgiving right around the corner (literally)...I am getting into the Christmas spirit! I am not one to start decking the halls before the turkey celebrations, but I absolutely can not wait for our Christmas card pictures. My friend over at Red, White, & Marine Wife got a new camera so we're going out to do a photo sesh soon!

Notice Axel's Doggie Sweater...OBSESSED!

{four} Nashville... The city & the show! Growing up just north of Music City instilled a great love for the city, but the show...well it just is my fave! Each Thursday the hubs & I have Nashville DVR night (casue we're already in bed on Wednesdays..ha!) It's a highlight of my week!

{five} #GratefulNovember....Tonight I am grateful for Date Nights!! Ever Friday the hubs & I try to make it to BWW...his choice! It started with football season & now it's just a weekly tradition! Oh how I love married life!

Frankly my dear...Happy much needed Friday, Y'all! 

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