Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday + Day 8 {#GratefulNovember}

Finally Friday again! Hooray! This week seemed to fly by. A few phone days at home and follow up appointments the last part of this week have kept me super busy. I thankful though...harvest is a wonderful time of year.

Like last week I am joining Darci, April,Natasha, and Christiana for Five on Friday!

{one} Lately I have been a crafting machine! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to set aside stress & work to just do something I love. This week's craft was a burlap banner....

I am going to be selling these banners in my Etsy shop soon! 

{two} Despite the fact that I work at home, meal planning is still complicated...sometimes even more so since I loose track of time sitting at my desk. Last week when I was at Target (of course) I picked up some crock-pot seasonings and this seasoning sauce from Red Fork. I had never tried it before but it looked good. The result? DELISH. I will definitely be purchasing these seasonings again. Quick, easy, & Oh So Tasty.

{three} Perfectly Plum Nail Polish, EOS Lip Balm, & Sweatshirt Weather! Do I really need to say anymore?

{four} I am currently in the process of making a collage wall on an awkwardly shaped corner area in our new apartment. I've been searching for frames & deciding on which pictures to use. This week I came across this ah-mazing fall printable {here} that will be a must for the seasonal frame. The best's FREE! Get on over there and get one for yourself!

Click on the picture to get the printable from The Tomkat Studio!

{five} I am still blogging my way through November with #GratefulNovember. I know that some people post that they are thankful year round, not just in November. And while I completely agree, I still LOVE recognizing the incredible things the Lord has blessed me with. So here is today's....

I am so blessed with friends I have known my entire life and friends I have known for only a few weeks. There are few things in this world more valuable than a friend & to say that I have many friends is such an incredible thing to be thankful for. In times in good or bad, to make me laugh or for me to return the favor, I know I have some of the very best friends in the entire world!

Frankly My Dear...Happy Friday!

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  1. ooo love that printable and I think I'm going to purchase that seasoning like..tonight! haha Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

    1. Thanks Jessi!! You'll LOVE the seasoning! So glad you stopped by!