Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cheers to a New Year: {April, May, June}

Happy Thursday, Y'all! 
As promised yesterday, I am linking up with Lauren & the gang to Cheers to the New Year with a link-up! This week's edition: April, May, & June.

My First 5k..The Color Run!
A new lens for my camera & an even deeper love for photography.
I hosted my best friend's Monograms & Mimosas Bridal shower. So Fun!
A trip to the beach with the hubby!
More here.

Visit the post here.
Celebrated with champagne & our anniversary cake! Delish!

Weddings & a life change...Oh June!
My cousin tied the knot the first weekend in June in Nashville. (top right)
Followed by my best friend's Perfect Big Day!! I am so thankful for such phenomenal friends!
Luke accepted a job in northern Indiana so the house went up for sale and the move began!

2013 has been a phenomenal year and I am so glad to share it with all of you! The year brought exciting times, some hardships, & great learning experiences. Next week we'll link-up with July, August, & September! See ya then!

Frankly my dear...I am so glad you stopped by!

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  1. I am so glad you linked up with us today so I could discover your blog! Your blog is adorable and your wedding pictures are gorgeous! I also celebrated my one year anniversary in May! Very excited to follow along!

  2. So much fun stuff! Thanks for linking up! Adore your wedding dress!

  3. Thank you for linking up with us today, and for commenting on my post. Love your blog and hope you decide to follow, I know I sure did :)

  4. All sorts of fun moments, 2013 definitely looks like it treat you well! Good for you!

    Indulgera Blog

  5. I love how a new lens can make you fall even more in love with your camera! I work at a printing company and I am forever going around trying to see whose lens I can borrow next.

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  7. hi Jen! I am hopping over from the link up. I love getting a new lens. What did you get?