Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday {Bogo Mugs, Arbonne, Wallpaper Pretties, Link-Up, & Friday}

So long January and hello February! Y'all this year is flying by so fast! I sit back an wonder where the time has gone and I pray that I am not letting it slip by with meaningless tasks! Life is too short for that y'all! Onto the Five on Friday with the girls...

Coffee Mugs

Right NOW at Walgreens, photo mugs are BOGO! If that's not a great deal, I don't know what is! Who doesn't want to drink their morning coffee out of a mug with their hubby's face on it?!
I may or may not have chosen the gold glitter "Cheers" design....


This is one of the products I purchased last night! It's from their aromatherapy line.
The scents are rejuvenating & calming...I'll just be honest...
the lady told me she sprays them on her sheets & it's like heaven! I'm a sucker!
So I am not sure how many of you have heard of this before, but last night I went to a party at my friends house. We had a mini pedi treatment, facials, & did I mention chocolate covered strawberries? It was the perfect little girls night! The best part is that their products are all natural beauty products made from botanicals. They are vegan certified, free of gluten, & free of mineral oils and other petroleum based ingredients. There's a lot of beauty products that claim to be "natural" but these have really impressed me! Y'all should look into them!

Wallpaper Pretties
I am obsessed with Design Love Fest. If you don't know what they are, you are missing out.
Yesterday they posted these great {free} desktop wallpapers! They're too perfect!

Download them {here}.

Wife After God Link-Up

This devotion should be necessary for all christian wives...dare I say ALL wives. Your marriage will forever be grateful for the lessons learned in this book. Don't believe me? Check out the reviews of lots of women on yesterday's link-up at Cheers Y'all & Wifessionals.

Visit my review {here}.



Can I just throw it out there that I am pretty darn grateful for Friday this week?! (as if I am not every other week.) With the polar vortex, busy schedule, & countless other things going on in life...
Let's throw a party, just for FRIDAY!

Happy Weekend, Y'all!!

Frankly my dear...Thank Goodness It's Friday!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wife After God {A Link-Up}

At the end of 2013 I knew that finding a biblical devotion to start the new year was just what I needed to start 2014 with purpose. I had brainstormed & googled some things, but hadn’t chosen anything. Then… Elise from Cheers Y’all struck my heart at just the right moment. She posted about a new devotion she would be reading & asked for others to join in. I researched the book and & knew it was all part of God’s perfect timing. Wife After God by Jennifer Smith has been a part of my daily quite time for the last 30 days & I am truly encouraged to be a Wife AFTER God. The insight of her thoughts combined with God’s word and applicable calls to action have honestly changed my heart & my marriage.

From day one I knew this devotion was written for my heart. Learning to be a wife is trying, discerning God’s will can also be a struggle, figuring out how to do both at the same time is almost impossible. Being a wife AFTER God is not something that the world teaches or even encourages, but ladies…that’s our calling, our purpose, our life. If I had to choose only ONE takeaway from this study, that would be it. My calling is to be a woman of God. From the time I wake up until I fall asleep that night, my life is to be an overflowing cup of the blessings, attitudes, & attributes of God. Out of that joy & relationship with God will my role as a wife come in. My marriage will only thrive to its full potential when my heart is right with the Lord. Yes, it may seem great, like we have everything…but deep down, there IS something missing & it’ll be never be filled with vacations, children (or fur babies), money, or things. It’s ONLY the relationship with Christ in my life & marriage that will allow it to be fully satisfied.

Luckily, I don’t have to choose just one favorite takeaway! Flipping back through my journal of the last month, I am even more encouraged by the lessons I learned: What a life of submission means – a lesson NOT taught by the world, How my husband is a gift & our marriage has divine purpose, that pure joy only comes from the maker of happiness, what intimacy really means, & how marriage is one of God’s favorite creations.  There are so many that I could go on & on, but I’ll give you just one more specific lesson – Posture. This book left me with an incredible analogy that my posture for the Lord is obvious. From my attitude and physical body language to my day to day routines – my  posture, my relationship with Him, is necessary to be a Wife AFTER God.

One last observation….a wedding is not marriage. This wasn’t in the book but it’s on my heart. In today’s society SO many young women & men are deceived by the false impression of a wedding. The excitement of the engagement, celebration of showers, & the extravagant details of the “prefect day” is NOTHING compared to a lifetime unified by God in marriage. The words written above are what describes a marriage – not just a wedding. This world is deceiving, an attribute not of God but of the devil. Dear Friends, let’s not fall into the trap of false satisfaction or unrealistic expectations. Let us see marriage what it really is – created by God for HIS glory!!!

I am so grateful for Elise & her introduction to this book. I am grateful for Jennifer who wrote it & provided examples for us to learn from. I am grateful for my husband who stands next to me in our marriage of purpose. But I am MOST thankful for a God who has perfect timing, perfect purpose, perfect marriage & provides a way for me to experience ALL of it!

I am an unvieled WIFE!

Thank YOU for sharing with me today! I encourage you to dive into this incredible journey as a wife, and more importantly as a woman of God.

You can learn more here.
You can buy the book here.

Frankly my dear…I am a Wife After God.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don't Compare

I've been working on my 1001 in 101 post over the weekend & things haven't flowed the way I thought they should have. I was going to post them Saturday....then Sunday....then Monday...but definitely by Tuesday. But this doesn't feel right either. 

I know that what I choose to put on my list is not set in stone, but I want the items on my list to mean something to me and even impact those around me. I want my goals to be something I look back on in 1001 days and say "wow, that was incredible"...not a checklist. 

This week I am finding comfort in this quote.....
via life is drastically different than anyone else's I know, read about in the blog world, or even those I've never even heard of before. My life is MINE and it has a purpose. My fear of what other's think is so unrealistic a honestly, downright demeaning to my character. I have thoughts a certain way for a reason. I imagine things differently because I AM different. 
I was created specifically different than every other person in this world. Why don't I embrace it?! 

My obsession with comparison is something of this world & something that I need to give up. Romans 12:2 states, "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." It says it right there renewal of your mind + discernment from God. Not revelations or examples of others. My mind is transformed by "testing that you ( may discern what is good and acceptable"...not my friends struggle that I learn right from wrong, not my husbands questions that give ME answers... MY testing. MY discernment from the Lord. He created me different, speaks to me differently, & loves me differently...why do I expect my walk to look the same as others?

Maybe I am rambling, but in this world we spend so much time comparing our physical attributes, monetary status, or spiritual walk with someone else's journey that we have NO insight into. 

Stop that. You are you & I am me. Let's be that.

Frankly my dear...Don't Compare.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday {pen pals, influence, cookies, C+T, & new look}

It's hard to believe that we are already four weeks through 2014! If the rest of the year flies by as quick as January has, I better start Christmas shopping tomorrow! ha! I hope your week was great, but that your weekend will be even better! On to Five on Friday....

Pen Pals

When I was younger, my family would spend most of your summers at the campground. I would meet lots of new friends from different places and the only way to stay in touch was through letters. (Yes, there was life before cell phones! I can hardly believe it either!) I absolutely loved sending letters then...almost as much as I do now! Right now I have three pen pals: Khala from The Birdie Bowl, Hope from Taste & See, and Taylor from Taylored & Turquoise. Between the adorable stationary & sweet notes, I just can't get enough! Snail Mail is so much fun...I don't care how old you are!  If you want to join the pen pal gang let me know! 

The Influence Network

I first heard of The Influence Network from my friend Hope. I did some investigating and it sounded like something I would totally be interested in. I pulled the information below is from their website:

THE INFLUENCE NETWORK is for creatively minded women, who are looking for an uplifting community where they can be encouraged and also resourced to make their online lives MEAN SOMETHING.

So far I have just joined the community but yet to take full advantage of it. There are forums, classes, & other articles that help members learn more about social media and how to make their online lives meaningful. I can tell there are so many exciting resources and I cannot wait to explore! For more information, visit their website!

Girl Scout Cookies

I just have to through it out there that the purple box will always be known as Samoas....not Carmel deLites. Anyone else agree?! 

Cory & Topanga are BACK!!!

That's right!! Disney has officially picked up the show (now called Girl Meets World) to be aired sometime this year! I wasn't able to find ALL the details but here's a link to what I've found. 
Who else is totally PUMPED about this?!

A Facelift...
it's true! Frankly My about to get a new look! I am so pumped about this decision & can't wait to share it with y'all! For now I will leave you with a sneak peak...enjoy!

Frankly my dear...Stay Warm Y'all!!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Not Your Mother's {Product Review}

It's almost Friday, y'all! YAY!

Today I am sharing a new product I received in last month's Influenster Vox Box! 
Influenster is a community of educated consumers that are obsessed with sharing the hottest new products with their friends and social media! A Vox Box is a box of goodies you receive to test out. It's completely free & has the latest new products! For more information about joining contact me or visit their website.

How many of you out there wish you could go just one more day without washing your hair? 
Oh, I've been there...who am I kidding, I am there ALL the time! So when I received Clean Freak Dry Shampoo from Not Your Mother's I knew I had hit the jackpot!

Honestly, I was completely in love with the idea, but I was really nervous that it would make my hair feel gross or like there was a ton of product in it. But, to my surprise it wasn't at all & actually felt clean! Not to mention that it was super easy & took no time at all. The directions are simple - just spray generously on roots & throughout hair, brush, & style. Perfect!

Excuse the silly bathroom selfies but I thought it would be fun to do a before & after!

Not Your Monther's brand offers a wide range of products from styling sprays & creams to actual styling tools like curling irons & straighteners. Products can be found in Ulta,  Urban Outfitters, grocery chains like Meijer, Dierbergs, or Schnunks, as wells as select Walmart, Target, & Walgreens. To locate a retailer near you, click here.

I am not a great hair stylist, but when it comes to easy products like this - and hairspray of course - it's easy!! Do you have a favorite hair product? I'd love to try it out too!

Have a great Friday Eve, Dolls!

Frankly my dear...I love Not Your Mother's! 

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Target Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite Target finds from over the weekend! After the whole credit card information debacle, some Target customers have put a little distance between them & the good 'ole bullseye....but not this girl! I was actually impressed with their ability to offer free credit monitoring for anyone who shopped in their stores during the breach of information. If you haven't signed up, I encourage you too! Click on the link below for more information.

Sign Up Here

Now, onto the good stuff...

No good trip to Target would be complete without a little caffeine boost! Or a stop in The Dollar fave! Besides the adorable stationary & convenient travel size products...they always have the best seasonal decor! These three little burlap votives were my pick for valentines decor! 
Aren't they sweet?!

Despite the fact that temperatures were below freezing outside - it actually snowed an inch while I was in the store - I shopped the Swim Shop & snagged this cute little Midkini! I am probably the only idiot trying on swimsuits while it's snowing but at least I got the one I wanted! ha! 


The Spring Collection is also trickling out & this colorful skirt was among my favorite picks! Not pictured is an adorable navy blouse (and matching dress) with orange sailboats all over it -- SO. CUTE. These shoes were also in the new boot section! How stylish are these gems?!

I found these perfect heart printed straws & delicious treats in the Valentine's Section! Just a heads up for all the hubbys & boyfriends... Go. To. Target!

Remember I told y'all about the wine in a can for stocking stuffers?! Look no further! I discovered them on the shelf over New Year's but I have yet to pay up for them!

Succulents. I love them...a lot. So this Spring section definitely caught my eye! I love everything about everything on these shelves. I have real ones but those lacking a green thumb (or who don't want the hassle)...these are perfect! 

I am also a bit obsessed with this bar cart with gold to mention I am a sucker for pink peonies too...ah the power of staging.

Last but not least...check out these adorable Spring dishes! And those weren't even all of the patterns!

Hope you all enjoyed my weekly stroll through Target & I am so glad you stopped by! 
What's your favorite Target find?!

Frankly My Dear...Target Rocks!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Not So Exciting Post {with a Printable}

January usually means a New Year, a fresh start. Along with that comes workout/getting healthy resolutions, budgeting goals, & planning for the year to come. Something a little less exciting also comes in January…Tax Season. I know right, who wants anything to with taxes…especially on Monday (maybe some of you are off for Martian Luther King Jr. Day! YAY!).

But let’s face it…if y’all are anything like me you haven’t even started thinking about it much less anywhere near prepared. That’s why I thought it would be great to help out a little! I am sure most of you are list makers! {How do people get things done without them?!} So I’ve prepared a little list of important things AND posted a printable worksheet to keep you organized! {The only thing better than a list is worksheet, right?!}

So lets get started. There are lots of things you’ll need to gather up to prepare your taxes. Whether you’re doing them yourself or are taking them to a professional, you’ll need to get this stuff together…

  • Personal Information:

These are pretty basic but essential pieces of information you’ll need to begin your tax preparation.
o   Social Security Number
o   Spouse’s and/or dependents Social Security Numbers
o   Last Year’s tax return

  • Financial Information:

These are things you tell yourself you need to keep all year but when the time comes, you can’t quite find it. Yep…we’ve all been there. Good thing you’re starting now!
o   Employment W-2s
o   Income statement for any self-employment (if applicable)
o   Information for any taxes you have paid during the tax year (property tax, sales tax, etc.)
o   Mortgage interest statement if you own a home
o   College tuition statements, student loan interest, & education expenses for you college students (or parents) out there.
o   Retirement account contributions or distribution documents
o   Charitable donations made throughout the year
o   Medical expenses & any medical savings account contributions
o   Job search expenses or moving related expenses
o   Information on dividends or interest income earned

The printable worksheet that you can download below will include spaces for you to fill in the above information as well as other categories that you may not think of. This document is something I started using a while back and I honestly don’t remember where I found it. I am all about giving credit where credit is due so if one of you know where the original source is I would love to link it!

Download Tax Worksheet

Taxes are not the most exciting thing in the world – in fact they may be the furthest thing from that – but they’re necessary! Getting organized is essential and hopefully you can take of advantage of starting early…after all, the early you get them filed, the earlier you might receive your refund!

I hope you each have a great week and are pumped about Bachelor Monday!

Frankly My Dear…worksheets make everything better!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday (nashville, costco, lara, dessert, valentines}

Happy Friday Y'all!!
After being snowed in last week and a bit more accumulation this week, I think it's safe to say I am ready for Spring! Thankfully, this week has been jammed packed with lots of work.
So this weekend I am so thankful for a little rest and re-lax-ation!

...yes I know...I did a television show last week (which started back up this week) BUT Nashville started back this week too & I am a huge fan!

I am officially old.

Last Saturday Kym (from Red, White, & Red Marine Life) and I met up for lunch and a little Costco! Yep...we're cool! She ended up with a 2.5 pound of spinach &I took home a bag of pretzel buns! Yum! Oh and some fresh flowers!

Lara Casey.

Y'all she's phenomenal! I've talked about her power sheets before, but I attended a webinar on Wednesday & it was SO encouraging. She's an absolute blessing in my life & I am always filled with something positive after reading/listening to her work.
You can find her here: website, facebook, & instagram.
If you follow me on instagram, you know I also received my Emily Ley Simplified Life Binder this week. Let's just say I am pumped about my planning & goals (as if I wasn't already).

Apparently I am obsessed with Cream brûlée...twice in one week y'all!

Saturday at the Brazilian Grill
Tuesday at the Chinese a wonton. Genius! 
I've got to find my own recipe....any suggestions?! 

Valentine's Day
Anyone else's Pinterest looking similar to mine?!....

I love valentine's! To me it's not about the gifts or the chocolates (although I DO love chocolate). It's about celebrating love. Celebrating it with my husband, my family, my's such a lovely holiday & I am excited to spread a little joy this Valentine's Day!

Frankly my's to a weekend of R&R!

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