Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday in the Word {Joy}

Good Morning Friends! And welcome to Wednesday in the Word.

Several months ago, while setting my goals for 2014, I chose a word for the year. I wrote it on every month of my agenda book, taped it to my bulletin board, & shared it with all of you. Today I am excited to revisit my word of the year - Joy!

On Sunday, our small group began a new series on Philippians. The Introduction was information and discussion on the background of Philippians. Paul wrote this letter to the people of Philippi in order to encourage them in their faith. Some of my favorite scripture come from these words. However when we take a step back to really look at Paul's life at the time of this letter, we see that he is in prison. Why am I talking about prision and joy is the same post? Great question.

Like I just explained, Paul was writing to the philippians to encourage them. But lets be honest, how encouraging would we really be if we were in prison? That leads me to look at my word - Joy.

What is Joy?
From the world's perspective, Joy is happiness. A feeling. An emotion.
The scriptures however speak of something that is a bit different.

Last night at small group we tried to narrow down a definition. Here are some thoughts we came up with...
Joy is an orientation of the heart, a posture of contentment, an outpouring of hope. Joy is not something that can be taken away easily & it cannot be faked. It is not a feeling, although we feel it. It is not happiness, although it can make us happy. It is not dictated by circumstances unless we allow it too. It's not always positive (Hebrews 12:2). It is an attribute of God.

What does Joy mean to you?

In Paul's letter to the Philippians he writes four chapters that reflect how Joy should rule in our life. Here are the four ways we are breaking it down at church:
Joy in living - Philippians 1:21
Joy in Serving - Philippians 2:5
Joy in Sharing - Philippians 3:14
Joy in Resting - Philippians 4:6-7

Read those four scripture. What areas of your life have the most Joy? What areas are lacking Joy?

For me, I lack joy in resting. When the verses talk about not being see my picture for just the opposite. I tend to be anxious about everything. From work & bills to simply cleaning my house & taking a shower, I always have to have a plan. An agenda. A to-do list. There is just no joy in resting in my life. My application this week is to pray about priorities & to be intentional with my tasks. All that I have is gift from the Lord, including my time. I highly doubt my excessive list making is the most efficient use of my time or talents.

I am so thankful that you are here today & I would so love it if you joined in this conversation. I'll be studying this a lot the next few weeks so it's likely my Wednesday's in the Word will reflect that. Will you join me too?

Frankly my dear...Have Joy!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday Tea {Sponsor Spotlight}

Happy Tuesday Tea, Lovelies! 

Today I am excited to share a post with you that is far overdue! 

A few weeks ago I posted about sponsorship on my blog. I love partnering with my bloggy friends to build relationships, host link-ups and giveaways, & sponsor those who I love. Today, I am so pleased to introduce you to my new friend & Pint Mason Jar Sponsor!

Sponsor Spotlight

Name: Carrington

About Carrington: I'm a young single momma to a handsome blue-eyed boy. I'm a Jesus follower and I blog about my faith, my son, adventures in nursing school, and life in general. I started blogging to document our life and it turned into a way to encourage people. I want people to read my blog and know that good can come of any situation, and that it is possible to overcome the odds.

Favorite Things: Being a mom to my sweet son, coffee {with lots and lots of creamer}, mint chocolate chip ice cream, tickle fights, running, Linc's bedtime routine, and laughter.

Spring Loves: Lincoln's birthday, the warm Florida sunshine, trips to the pool and the beach {I live five minutes away}, and basically doing anything outside. Seriously. After the grey and cold of Winter {or what us Floridians call Winter}, Lincoln and I are always ready for the sunshine! 

Get to know Carrington!
{Instagram}     {Twitter}     {Pinterest}     {Bloglovin}

Make sure to drop by & say hello to Carrington this week! She has been such a joy to get to know! If you're interested in more information on sponsorship, visit me here!

Thanks so much for dropping by from the link-up & I am so glad you're here!

Frankly my dear...spread some love today!

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1. Write a post you want to share with everyone. (again...there are no rules!)
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap {Derby Prep}

Happy Derby Week, Friends!

It's cold & rainy here today but that didn't keep my from enjoying a beautiful weekend!


Date night at BWW of course! I love this (somewhat) weekly tradition. Luke &  I look forward to it every week!

I am not huge on selfies... but each Friday I join The Tiny Twig & Naptime Diaries for #FridayIntroductions. I love meeting new, encouraging followers each week & it allows my current followers to remember me!  Who doesn't love new friends? Search the hashtag on IG & learn more about it!


I've been waiting all winter for this moment! I love our quaint little patio & I love it even more when it's warmer outside. It's my go to place for my quite time & I am so thankful I could finally get back out there!

This weekend, I also got to do my all time favorite thing...CRAFT! And not just any crafting - Derby Party Crafting! Whoop Whoop!

Sneak Peek of a homemade craft! Any guesses on what it'll be?


Sunday was such a sweet day! We served as greeters for the first time as MEMBERS of our new church. We had our friends join us for services & had a delightful lunch. An evening walk on the trails by our house. AND more Derby crafting while catching up on the DVR! Why can't every day be Sunday?

How was your weekend, friend?

Frankly my dear...Happy Monday!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday {SPRING!}


I am so thankful for a weekend at home! I've been working on my spring cleaning & can't wait to finish it this weekend! And get things all ready for NEXT weekend...the Derby Party! YAY!

I am linking-up with AprilChristinaNatasha, & Darci for Five on Friday!


Ever since I was young I have been totally obsessed with sorbet! Maybe it's the deadly combination of sweet, delicious lightness, but I am addicted. SO this last week at Costco (don't even get me started) I found a whole box of still my heart! From pineapple IN a half pineapple to coconut IN a coconut...yes. 

Kentucky Derby Tea

Yes, Yes...I covered this last week. But a little update on my party...

1. I have a's TO. DIE. FOR.
2. I have a menu...all traditional Kentucky Faves!
3. There may or may not be gold horses & horseshoe prizes.
4. My husband is super jealous he's not invited.

The Color Wheel

Among my many other obsessions, the color wheel truly has my heart. Come on ladies, let's be honest. What's better than all those beautiful options?! Yep...I knew we were on the same page!

SO...what colors are you loving this Spring?
Are you strictly polish, acrylics, shellac?!
I need to know! 


Each season I find a new candle from Bath & Body Works that burns 24-7! This Spring it's Vineyard!!

What candle is burning in your house now?

That New Car Scent

So I needed an oil change...there was an hour I test drove a BRAND NEW big right?!
...Said NO woman ever. 

Oh geez friends...what have I done?

How about you?! What are your plans this weekend?! Whatever they may be...ENJOY!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Leave me a comment so I can visit you too!

Frankly my dear...get out & enjoy your weekend!!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Plastic Easter Eggs {Repurposed}

If your house is anything like ours, by the Thursday after Easter, your plastic Easter Eggs are candy-less! So what do you do with them? Keep them for next year? Throw them out?! No WAY!

I've got the perfect way to repurpose them & display them even after the Easter Bunny has hopped away!

What You'll Need:

Plastic Easter Eggs
(If you don't have any leftover, you can buy them for 89 cents at Target..even before they go on sale!)

Colored Twine or Jute
(I found my colored twine in the Dollar Section at Target & some regular jute for $1 at the Dollar Tree!)

Hot Glue Gun + Extra Glue Sticks

Lace, buttons, or other embellishments

To start, place a dot of glue on the end of the egg. 

Begin wrapping the twine or jute around the egg in a circular patter. Make sure to add a tiny dot of glue as you continue to wrap the egg. Only a thin layer of glue is necessary as too much will squeeze out between layers.

If that happens, don't worry! It's easy to scrape excess off the plastic egg or the jute.

Continue wrapping until the entire egg is covered. 

Place a glob of glue on the bottom to secure twine & cut excess.

Embellish with lace, a different color twine, buttons, bows, etc.! The options are endless!

You have officially repurposed your plastic Easter eggs AND made a sweet display to use throughout this Spring & next!

Frankly my dear...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...EASTER EGGS!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Over Here!

Hey Friends!! 

Today is such an exciting day...I am guest posting over at Cheers Y'all
Come visit me over at Elise's blog & while you're there learn all about her sweet little family!
You'll fall in love just like I have!

I am talking all things Spring Cleaning & you won't want to miss it! 

Check it out!

Frankly my dear...Cheers Y'all!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Tea {Fishy Fishy)

Happy Tuesday, Friends! 

Thank you so much for joining us again today!

Lately I've been on such a fish kick! Mahi Mahi & Tilipa are my favorites & Salmon is on my list to try!

A few weeks ago I tried a new recipe for Tilipa  & it was delish! So, I must Share!!

What you'll need:
Two Large Bowls + 9 x13 Baking Pan
4 - 6 Tilapia Filets
Two Egg White
1/2 - 1 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
1 tsp. Italian Seasoning
1 tsp. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
1/2 tsp. Pepper
Pinch of Garlic Powder & Onion Powder
Any of your favorite spices!

First, spray your baking pan with non-stick cooking spray & set aside.

In the first bowl, place your egg white.

Next, combine parmesan cheese & seasonings in one of your bowls. You may also add 1/4 of a cup of Panko bread crumbs to make it a bit more crunchy or any other of your favorite spices to give it extra flavor!

Coat each filet with the egg white by dipping it into the first bowl.

Then cover with seasoning mixture by rolling in the second bowl.

Place in your baking dish & bake in the oven on 425 for 10-15 minutes or until fish is golden brown & flakes easily with a fork.


Do you have any favorite fish recipes?! I would love hear about them!

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy your Tuesday, friends!

Frankly my dear...Get Fishy!

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