Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday {all things new}

Happy Almost Weekend, Friends!
I extended my vacation a little to help with the move so this weekend I am ready for a little break!

As usual, I am excited to join the ladies for a little Five on Friday action!
I am linking-up with AprilChristinaNatasha, & Darci for Five on Friday!

New Hair

Last week I decided to do something different with my hair. Luke was out of town on business & we were preparing for our anniversary getaway so I just figured, why not?!

I got a short cut with lots of layers. It's perfect for summer & love it already!

New House

We got the keys yesterday & moving has officially commenced! I have really been dreading the packing & moving, but now that it's here & our stuff is going up in the house, I can't wait to see the finished product. Making a house a home has to be one of my favorite things!

New Car

So this was a little unexpected! If you follow along on Insta, you know that Wednesday I bought a car. Yep...between running an errand & packing,  I managed to swing into a car lot & walk out with a totally different car. Oops! I am totally pumped though & the move has been so much easier thanks to the extra space!

New Routine

Over the past couple of weeks, God has put a lot on my heart concerning some very specific areas. I am not sure what he is trying to tell me, but I know I won't hear him if I am not listening.

As I get through this move & settled in, I have a new routine I'm going to try to implement in my daily life. I will be sharing more later, but a big part goes along with the Abide journals from Naptime Diaries + the daily planner from Emily Ley.

I am so excited about this routine & pray that it's just want I need for this season in life!

Mini Vacay

Most of you saw this on Insta already, but I am so blessed to have spent all last weekend with my favorite person! I am so thankful for the rest we were able to receive & the belly laughs that always make me smile thinking back.

Although this one may not be something new, we are entering a new year of a marriage with lots of changes. My prayer for this new time is that we seek the Lord in every situation, be content with what he has provided, & glorify him for his works in our life. 

And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true."                Revelation  21:5

Hope you've have a great week & a happy weekend!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Leave me a comment so I can visit you too!

Frankly my dear...loving all things new!!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Boundaries {Wednesday in the Word...on Thursday}

Happy Wednesday Thursday, Friends!

Hope your short week is going well so far. I've gotten behind in my days & some crazy things have been happening lately.
I bought a car yesterday...Yes a CAR! What?! Not what I expected. Annnnd...
We officially get the keys to our new home THIS MORNING. I CAN-NOT wait.

In my usual Wednesday fashion (on Thursday), I'll be sharing my Wednesday in the Word, but not without first sending you over to Marley Lilly's Blog, The Monogrammed Life! Yesterday they featured one of my posts so go check it out & spread the love!

Now, on to today's Wednesday Thursday in the Word.

I've been talking a lot about contentment & time management lately but Tuesday night, the light bulb finally clicked. I've raved about the Influence Network before, but last night I sat through a class with Nancy Ray & I am forever blessed.

Her whole topic was about setting boundaries. Boundaries for time, finances, health, & everything in between. Nancy gave an incredibly refreshing, applicable message that every Christian woman should listen too with regards to boundaries.

We were created by God for his Glory. Period. The way we live our lives is a direct representation of how we manage the gifts he has given us. From the time we have to the food we eat, we are a stewards of God's creation. Nancy talked about that in her class with such perspective & I am missing that in my life. Too often I find myself diving head first into impulsive (hello, new car!) decisions, feelings, & situations that I tend to miss the whole stewards for God thing.

When we examine Jesus' life, we see the perfect role model of boundaries. Countless times we see him setting guidelines for his basic needs - food, rest, exercise (Matt 4:6-7; 28:18; John 12:2). We see his need for community (Matt 26:36-38) & boundaries for his quiet time with His Father. He also knew the idea of keeping a peace of mind was a way to glorify God (John 11:6, Mark 10:32).

The word boundaries can seem so limiting, so lame. But they are a complete necessity in the Christian walk. I went through a building convictions workshop in college & ever since I stumbled across the paper the other day, it has been on my heart so heavy. I'll share it here soon, but for today I want us to examine our lives, our intentions, actions, & realistically ask ourselves, 
"Am I pleasing God by doing this right now?"

Now time for a shameless plug for the Influence Network. I AM a member of this community but I do not get benefits for referring you. It is simply a gathering of all kinds of Christian woman in search of spreading their "influence" for the sake of the Gospel. There are classes, member activities, forums, & many other great opportunities to meet & share with other believers. I encourage you to check out the network today. I have made several new friendships & stregthened others through this organization & I pray I'll meet you there soon!

Thanks so much for bearing with me through this crazy week. I am working on some exciting things coming up so don't think I am going anywhere!

Have a lovely Friday Eve, Y'all!

Frankly my dear...set your boundaries!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vacay Recovery {Tuesday Tea}

Hey Ladies! Sorry for the delay with Tuesday Tea!
Luke & I got home late last night & had some things to take care of this morning. We also get the KEYS to our new home on Thursday so it'll be a crazy week at the Frank household.

Please bare with me....I'll be back to normal shortly! In the mean's a peak at one of my favorite pics of our Smokey Mountain getaway!

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Frankly my dear...happy short week!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!


Happy Memorial Day, Friends!

I hope your extended weekend is treating you well!
Luke & I are returning from our mini vacay in the Smokies -- ah-mazing!

If you missed me on Insta you can catch some of the highlights today on the Blog Baton! That's's in my hands now! Click on over to Instagram and find out all the details!

Also, don't forget out the Noonday Giveaway we have going on. You won't want to miss it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, y'all!!

Frankly my dear...catch me on the Blog Baton!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday {Weekend Getaway}

It's finally Friday...AND I am off to the Smokey Mountains for a weekend getaway with my man as we speak! YAY!
Dropping in for a brief Five on Friday chat with the girls!  
I am linking-up with AprilChristinaNatasha, & Darci for Five on Friday!

Panera's Lemon Chicken Orzo

Maybe I am late to this party but have y'all had this soup from Panera?! Ummm...delish! And perfect for summer.  I am thinking I need to find my own recipe on Pinterest!!

If you aren't signed up for your fix are missing out. No but really. This is by far the best idea ever! You fill out an extensive style questionnaire & for $20 you receive a box full of clothes to try on. If you like them, you keep them (after you pay for them)! If not, send them back! Learn more from my first fix or sit tight for my review of #2 coming next week!

Button Earring Holder

So my friend text me these last night & I am amazed! Again...maybe I am the last one to know about this but this is PERFECT! I am always afraid of loosing one earring or both of them all together! This is a great, inexpensive (and adorable) solution.

Have you any of you already done this?

I am uncertain of the sources since she text me these! If you know, I would love to know so I can give them credit  (& thank them for such a brilliant idea!).

DeBrands Chocolate

This week our small group met at a local hot spot - DeBrands! This is a Fort Wayne founded chocolate company that specializes in world renown sweets. From their boxes of exquisite truffles to literal boxes made of chocolate, this has to be some of the best chocolate I've ever had in my life! Below was my treat on Tuesday...excessive? Maybe. Delicious? You can only imagine!

P.S. The pecans were roasted & the carmel was homemade too! 

Mini Vacay

Luke & I are currently on the road to visit the smokies! His family always went there when he was younger but this is my first trip. I am so pumped for a little getaway and for time with my man!

Any must see places y'all know about?!

Does anyone have exciting Memorial Day plans? We are so blessed to live in this country & should be grateful for those who serve! Find a way to thank those heroes over the long weekend, shall we?!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great extended weekend!

Frankly my dear...Happy LONG Weekend!!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Memorial Day Prep

Happy Thursday, friends!
This afternoon officially marks my week long vacay! YAY!
Who has big plans for the holiday weekend?


Today I am sharing a few of my favorite Memorial Day pins from Pinterest!
It is definitely my go-to source for all things cute & inspirational!

I am in love with this sweet place setting for four! How perfect is this grill out for a double date?!

Pinned Here!

I LOVE this idea for festive party drinks + red hot dog basket decor!
You can find them at Hobby Lobby OR the Dollar Tree! Who knew?!
Pinned Here!

Simple, Rustic, & Patriotic....what else do you need?!
Pinned Here!

Buckets of peanuts for a summer party is such a great idea...they're the perfect BBQ snack!
Pinned Here!

No party is complete without your mouth is watering just thinking of some of these!
Pinned Here!

And since I am on a patio kick... SO dreamy!
Pinned Here!

How are y'all planning to celebrate the long weekend?! Maybe some BBQ & patio time?! I hope so!
Luke & I are off to the smokies for a little R&R...Finally!

Frankly my dear...Let's Get Patriotic! 

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Contentment + Giving Back {Giveaway}

Good Morning, Friends!
I hope this mid-week finds you well! 
Today I am excited to share my usual Wednesday in the Word + a little something extra! 

Lately I have really been struggling with contentment. Between being overwhelmed by my to-do list & my consistent desire for more stuff...I need Jesus! Plain & simple. 
In the past week I have gone from wanting a baby french bulldog, to a complete new home entertainment system, patio furniture, to a new vehicle. Really?! disgusting!

It's days like this that I need Paul to remind me what contentment is all about. He was sitting in prison when he wrote to the Phillipians. Can you imagine all the things that he could have desired? Yet he writes this:

"Not that I speak of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content." Philippians 4:11

I can't even imagine. Prison. Prison for the sake of the gospel and yet he "speaks" of not being in need. Uhg. As if I didn't feel guilty already, that pretty much nailed it I am, blessed with more than I need, yet I still want more. 

My heart is so wrong for that.

Digging closer into contentment, it comes for a desire to fill a need. A need that can really only be filled with one thing - Jesus. Contement is wishing for something we don't have, which ultimately is a slap in the face to God. It's like saying, "Thanks for all this stuff I have, but I really want that instead." Again my famous word...really?! How ridiculous does that sound?!

That's why this week I am trying to focus on the blessings Christ has given me rather than the materialistic things my sinful heart desperately wants. 

This week I am also partnering with some phenomenal bloggy pals & Noonday to give me perspective. Perspective on things that matter and not on things that I don't need. We are super excited to be hosting a phenomenal giveaway with a purpose

Last month, Rachel from "Oh, Simple Thoughtsintroduced you to a couple going through adoption - The Ragans. Their story is inspiring & truly a picture of selflessness. Here's a quick peak at all the details...

You may be wondering what exactly this has to do with the giveaway, but it's actually really cool. This month we are not only hosting a Noonday giveaway, but you also have the opportunity to help the Ragan's by purchasing an item from the Noonday Trunk Show. 

Have you ever heard of Noonday before?
Well...they are a jewelry and accessories company that gives back in big ways. "Together with the Noonday ambassadors across the country, we offer you the opportunity to use your purchasing power to create change in the world {while looking really good along the way}. Your fashion sense can now restore dignity to abandoned women in Ethiopia, empower communities in Ecuador, and create business opportunities for Ugandans." Noonday sells beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more, all made by artisans in third world countries. Some of the money from every item bought goes back to these artisans to create a sustainable lifestlye for them and their communities. HOW AWESOME?! Here are some really great pieces in their collection! 

Isn't their stuff beautiful? All of these pieces are so versatile & can be worn with so many outfits! Almost all pieces are made from materials unique to the area in which they are made. So some bracelets and necklaces are made from rolled up paper beads, seeds, recycled gun metal, or bones of animals! So cool! I love that they are not only made for a cause, by people who need jobs, with a purpose, yet remain so subtly personal.


As I told you before, in addition to the giveaway, you have the opportunity to help out the sweet Ragan family with their adoption. 30% of each purchase goes directly to bringing home baby Ragan! If you would like to purchase an item from Noonday, for yourself or for someone else, just follow these simple steps to insure the credit goes to the Ragan Trunk Show!

2. Shop around, pick out your items, and proceed to check out. 
3. In the box asking for an ambassador name, put McCall Aldridge.
4. In the box asking for Trunk Show Name, put Ragan Trunk Show. 
5. Check out, and wait for your gorgeous pieces to arrive in the mail. 

In addition to funding an incredible organization AND assisting a family in need, you also have the opportunity to WIN a Noonday Necklace!

This piece is new this year and is already one of the best sellers.
Meet the Del Mar Necklace and your fabulous giveaway co-hosts!

Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway! It is such a joy to watch others invest and show interest in this adoption! The Ragan's appreciate it so much!

I hope you have a great rest of the week & remember to content with where God has you!

Frankly my dear...eyes of self. Be content.

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