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Virginia is for Lovers {Guest Post}

Happy Monday Frankly My Dear readers!! 
My name is Cayte and I am so excited to have been June’s sponsor for Jenni! Crazy how this month has gotten away from us, but I am excited for the opportunity to guest post today! In case you haven't ever read my story over at Blog With The Browns, I am a newlywed baseball wife that lives full time in Virginia! 

As I was driving home the other day, I thought to myself, there is so much that Virginia has to offer that I overlook all the time.  So today I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why I love Virginia and some reasons why you should put Virginia on your bucket list!

one: Mountains, Lakes, Beachs, and Country

You may think that Virginia only has the beach or Virginia only has the country.... well I am here to inform you that we have the whole kit and caboodle here y'all! From the Blue Ridge mountains out in the western part of the state, to the beautiful ocean and beaches on the shore, to the rolling hills of Fredericksburg, Virginia is stacked with beautiful landscape and beautiful drives.  If you are planning on making the drive over here, please incorporate these beautiful views into your trip!


two: All four seasons

Down here (over here, up there, wherever Virginia is) we get all four seasons and I LOVE IT! I love that when its super cold and snowing, summer is only a few months away! Before it gets super hot though, we get to enjoy all the love that pollen brings to my nose during spring.  UGH. No but seriously, having all four seasons is perfect. 

three: Convenient

It's been said that 60% of the United States can get to Virginia in one days worth of driving.  You can't get much more convenient than that! Once you are in Virginia its also very easy to travel to different parts of the states.  You can be at the beach at 8 in the morning and DC by lunch long as the traffic is on your side!

four: Wineries

California isn't the only great place for a glass of pinot! Virginia has over 150 different wineries across the state! However, I have honestly only been to two of them so I can't give much of a variety opinion, but I can say that the two I went to were AMAZING.  Beautifully situated right in the valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains with great tours as well! 

five: History

Virginia is for the history buff.  I can't even being to count the number of historical sites I have visited over the years. Random side note: In 4th grade, our school made us make a Virginia History Scrapbook so this is half the reason I have been to all these places! But seriously, Virginia is known for so much history and its a great place to educate yourself!

six: Virginia Is For Lovers

From wine tasting to romantic date nights in Virginia Beach, I would say love is in the air in Virginia! Not only did I meet the love of my life here, but we started our life here, met friends here, and have made Virginia a home together!

 Thanks again to Jenni for letting me take over the blog today and as she would say.....

"Frankly my dear...Visit Virginia!"

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, Friends!

I hope you had a fantastic week! Can you believe next Friday will already be JULY?! We are over half way through this year & it doesn't even feel like it!

Since Five on Friday is vacationing for the summer & Amanda has a great Friday Favorites Link-Up, I am joining in & will hopefully meet some new friends!

Thursday Cup of Fun

Have you signed up for the Naptime Diaries Newsletter? I just love each receiving my Thursday cup of fun with encouraging words from their team & fun things to check out. Each week they have a section called What We're Loving & I always tend to love the same things too!

They also have such encouraging words too: 
"I'm realizing (again and again) that every single issue or problem I have in this world is solved by drawing close to Him. I find rest in Him, I find joy in Him, I find comfort in Him, I find peace, wisdom, redemption, truth, hope, and life in - you guessed it, Him."
Sign up for the newsletter here!

Save the Undies

Last week I shared all about my story + the essentials for that "special" time of the month. The best part? You receive some freebies just for dropping by! Check out the post & get yours by the end of the month!!

Elle & Company Weekly Truth

I stumbled across Elle & Company a few months ago & fell in love! Lauren's blog is helpful & encouraging. From free printables to resume advice, this blog is one of my faves! Each week she posts Weekly Truth posts, complete with iPhone lock screens that are super cute! The best perk is that Lauren also has a business where you can buy super cute prints & her Daybook Planner. She has a section called the Library that you must check out!


 A New Chapter

There's something about music that is so freeing. It speaks to our souls & expresses emotions in ways we sometimes can't with words. That's exactly what Miranda's new three song CD does for me. I think I've known Miranda my whole life. She won a music contest several years ago, but she didn't let that become her life. Today, she is a wife, soon to be mom, & amazing vocalist. Check out these songs & see for yourself!


Hopefully this weekend will include a little R&R & patio furniture completion! YAY! How about you?! Any big plans for the weekend?

Thanks for stopping by! And leave me a comment so I can stop by your blogity blog too!

Happy Weekending!

Frankly my dear...Happy Friday!!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Discussion {global faith}

Today's post is going to be a bit different. I was out of town yesterday for business followed by an interesting meeting for my trip next month. Which got me thinking...

We are learning about culture - here and there. We are seeking to understand what makes them -- and us -- tick. How are we alike? How are we different? What does that mean when we interact? How does that look like lived out through faith?

One attribute that is reoccurring in our discussions (and my life) is this idea of community. A group based society where we depend on one another. We don't seek to dominate the other, individual success is not priority. In our western culture, it can be brutal. But is it biblical?

So today, I am asking YOU for some responses on our culture. In an effort to prepare my heart for a completely different people group, I need to understand ours. I would love for you to join this conversation in the comments & my hope is that before I leave, I will revisit these Q&A's in another post!

In America we strive for individual success. How does that help/hurt our community?

Can it be changed? Should it be changed?

What does that mentality look like biblically?

How do we transition from a "cliquey" society to one that fosters community?

How do we relate to people that aren't like us?

What makes us feel so superior to others? How do we change that?

 Does an American Christian look different than a Christian on another part of the world?

What are characteristics of faith lived out?

What's your story?

Maybe these questions don't mean anything to you....but I honestly believe there's something to them. Faith around the world is so different....but the Gospel isnt.
 This world has hundreds of different religions, thousands of different believers, millions of different ideas. Everyone believes in something...even if they don't know what it is.

Thanks so much for joining me today & I can't wait to hear from you!

Frankly my dear...Let's Discuss!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life Lately {Photo Dump}

Hey Friends!

It's hard to believe that it's already the last week of June! There's been so many fun things going on this last month that things have gotten away from me! So, today, I am bringing you up to speed!

Gatlinburg Getaway

A few weeks ago Luke & I took a little weekend getaway to the Smokey Mountains. I loved the chance to just spend time with my man & adventure through the quaint little town!

We made a pit stop in Cinncinati at Ikea...because, let's face it, how can you possibly pass up Ikea?!

A Dollywood Waterpark selfie & the typical mountain top stop! Maybe it's cliche but traveling around with this guy just makes me want to go back - go anywhere for that matter - ASAP!

We wrapped up the weekend with a trip to the Melting Pot. It was our first experience & we loved it...I have to say, the dessert was my fave! 

Father's Day Weekend

For Father's Day, my parents came up to visit us. I planned a little day trip surprise for them & it was perfect. We traveled through Shipshewana, an Amish town, on our way to Lake Michigan. My Mom has been dying to go to the beach & I told her this was the closest I could get. It was perfect!

We have also been working on unpacking & getting the house to a normal state. We are almost there....thank goodness. This weekend we got the majority of our pallet patio furniture built & I can't wait to share more details! A fresh coat of paint and a sunny day - we'll officially be finished!

I am also on the look out for a few ladies to guest post next month while I am gone to China! I talked about it yesterday briefly, but if you're interested please shoot me an email!

One last thing, if you missed my girl talk post Friday, you must check it you! Read my story & find out how you can get some freebies!

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!

Frankly my goes by too fast!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight

If you haven't figured it out already, I LOVE people! I love spending time with old friends but I especially love meeting new ones! That's one reason I love blogging so much...I make new friends & get to know them more and more everyday!

Today I am introducing to some of my absolute favorite bloggin' gals! These four lovely ladies have been hanging out on my sidebar for a while now, but it's time you officially meet them! Click on over & show each of them some love today!

Flowers in my Hair


What's your most prized possession? 
My Bible. But my shallow answer is a Capri Blue Volcano candle...It's my Oprah gift, as in, if I had the money of Oprah I would be on the streets yelling: "You're getting a candle! And you're getting a candle!"

What book(s) are you reading this summer? What am I not reading this summer? I go through 1-2 books a week. I just love to read. Right now I am finishing Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche's Americanah. It's amazing. I can't wait to blog about it. ;)

Most memorable Vacation: Mexico with two of my best friends my senior year of college. It was a miracle it ever happened and we laughed and talked and laughed and swam with dolphins. I love adventures and those are two of my favorite co-adventurers.

Funniest Joke you've heard lately: My four year old sister asking if she could pray for me and then saying, "Dear Heavenlee Fader. Thank you to the baker who is making Frozen cake. Thank you to Mommy and Daddy for letting me having a Frozen birfday party. In Jesus' Name, Amen." Um. By the way, her birthday isn't until the middle of the summer. 

What's your most prized possession?
This is really tough. I am a total sentimental girl, I save everything. I even have a little dried wildflower in my wallet that my husband (then boyfriend) made into a ring for me on one of our first dates! But my most prized possession would probably be my keepsake boxes. These boxes are packed full of encouraging notes, pictures, recipes written in my grandmother's own is all a bunch of paper, but those boxes mean so much to me. 

What book(s) are you reading this summer?
Right now I am reading "One Thousand Gifts" By Ann Voskamp, and it is blowing my mind. I have fallen in love with this book. It has inspired me in several ways, and is the motivation behind my "Gratitude Journal" that I am keeping now!

Most memorable Vacation: Probably the camping trip that my husband and I went on this past Valentine's Day. It was snowing, and rainy, and freezing, so we decided to rent a yurt (a furnished teepee) and had so much fun. We went hiking, made our own meals over the fire that we also made. It was just such a great trip with so many memories made!

Funniest Joke you've heard lately: Well, we have a 5 year old and a 3 year old in our church small group so we hear a lot of "funny" jokes...funny to a 3 year old often doesn't even make sense to an adult. BUT their mom has a Twitter that she uses to tweet all the funny things they here is one that had me rolling lately, Mom: "What should I do when all my kids are old enough to go to school?" 5 year old: "Get a JOB!" Mom: "What kind of job should I do?" 3 year old: "Laundry!" Cracks me up every time

Lisa Loves John


What's your most prized possession?  
This one is tough! I have many things in the running, but I would have to say a blanket that my grandmother quilted for me when I was younger.  There are cats all over it (I was/am a crazy cat lady - so it works perfectly) and my grandma incorporated buttons from my grandfather's Navy uniform on it.  I absolutely love everything about this blanket!
What book(s) are you reading this summer?  
It is pretty shameful how little I read, and it seems like the majority of my reading comes in the form of Bible studies, buttttt... there is one book on my summer to-read list!  The Golden Apple... the book was actually written by a very sweet friend of mine, and I am very much looking forward to sitting down some day soon and reading it.

Most memorable Vacation: Hands down, my most memorable vacation was my honeymoon.  John and I went to Riviera Maya, and it was perfect amounts adventure and relaxation.  We went deep sea fishing and snorkeling, but also made sure to get our fair share of food and fruity drinks!

Funniest Joke you've heard lately: (Warning: this joke is not funny, nor does it really make sense unless someone explains it; however, my husband's delivery of it is hysterical... "Babe, this is a great joke.")  Three logicians walk into a bar.  Bartender says, do the three of you want a drink?  The first one says I don't know.  The second one says says I don't know.  The third one says... Yes!

Blog | Bloglovin' | GFC | Instagram | Pinterest 
What's your most prized possession?
My Bible. Within its pages are my notes, prayers, highlights, underlines, and washi tape place markers. All show me where I have been-- the lessons the Lord has taught me and I am continuing to learn. When I really started searching and studying Scripture with a desire to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ, the joy and peace and thankfulness and love I have experienced is indescribable. 

What book(s) are you reading this summer?
Well I just finished the Divergent Trilogy. Whew! What a series! I definitely let myself get WAY too emotionally invested in those books! I just started The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. A few on my list to read are: The Fault in Our Stars, Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, Grain Brain, and The Chronicles of Narnia. 

Most Memorable Vacation: Well since our 2nd anniversary is coming up in July, I've been thinking back to our wedding day and honeymoon a lot lately! We honeymooned in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (right outside Cancun) and it was absolutely amazing! We had the best time exploring our beautiful resort, Secrets at Maroma Beach. We went snorkeling, took a cocktail making class, made some new friends, went on a tour of the resort kitchen, relaxed on the beach, watched some neat shows, and had a blast! We had a goal to eat at every restaurant on the property while we were there. One night, we were so hungry we went had supper twice at two different restaurants! It was such a memorable week full of love, fun, and relaxation! 

Funniest Joke you've heard lately:  I love e-cards... Some can be a quite inappropriate but some can be so funny! A friend shared this one with me the other day because we were talking about how anytime you look up a health issue online, it becomes a much bigger deal! 


To learn more about each sponsor, click on over & get to know them on their blogs! If you're interested in partnering with me, visit my sponsorship page for all the details.

I am also looking for a few guest bloggers to be featured on Frankly My Dear in July! I am leaving for China in just a few short weeks & most definitely want to fill this space with some great posts. If you're interested in guest posting, please email me so we can get something lined up. Can't wait to hear from you!

Frankly my dear...make new friends!

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Girl Talk {the essentials}

So it's about to get real today! There are so many topics that seem taboo to talk about on the blog but we are breaking those rules today. 

Being a woman has so many perks - there's ladies night, really cute clothes, sleepovers, and don't forget the shoes - what's NOT to love about shoes?!  But there's always that one week you'd do anything to fast forward just a few days. You know exactly what I am talking about - Aunt Flo!

Today I am sharing a few of my tips for beating the period blues!

Healthy Eating - Despite the fact that all you want to eat is chocolate and fried food...resist the urge! If you must satisfy that chocoholic fix, grab a piece of dark chocolate! Limit caffeine, reduce your salt intake, & eat fish and other foods high in magnesium! Your body is loosing essential nutrients so it's necessary to replenish them if you want to feel better.


Exercise - Who am I kidding?! Working out is the last thing I want to do when I am on my period...but I always feel better after I do! Studies have proven getting your endorphins going reduces stress and helps your body recover faster. Instead of your most intense workout session, try some basic stretching, yoga or Pilates! There's a ton of plans out there to help target specific areas of pain too.


Pain Relievers - I am believer in the modern medicine. My go-to period pain reliever is a Back & Body medication or regular Midol. Ibuprofen is usually a recommended pain reliever, but it hurts my stomach. I find these other alternatives to do the trick. There are also lots of herbal teas that can help reduce bloating & other vitamins that can replace critical nutrients and relieve pain. Turmeric is a big natural pain reliever you could look into if you'd rather take that route.


Be Prepared - There's nothing worse than unexpectedly starting your period or realizing you forgot to stock up on your period essentials. I've been there many times myself! I don't know how many of my favorite pairs of panties I've ruined just because I wasn't prepared. It's time to stop that ladies! It's time to Save the Undies!! It's important to know our bodies & be prepared for that time of the month. There are so many different types of feminine products out there though, it's hard to know which ones are best for you. 

That's where the new U by Kotex comes in! They have launched a brand new line of Ultra Thin Pads with 3D Capture Core. The unique technology provides a one-of-a-kind center that locks away wetness to help stop leaks. And it's totally true - I've experienced myself!

As women, we are always looking for the latest beauty and fashion trends or the newest accessories, but it also important that we stay up to date with the best hygiene products too. Having the most reliable feminine products out there is important so we are protecting our favorite pair of panties!

Not sure if U by Kotex is what you're looking for? Don't worry! You can try them for FREE! Visit the U by Kotex website and find the samples that best fit your mission to save the undies. Click on the “Get Sample” button and enter your mailing information. Then, sit back and wait, your samples will be on their way! And the best part...they are totally free!! 

Confidence doesn't just come from that incredible new skirt you're wearing or those fancy summer wedges you just bought, it begins with feeling great - even during that dreaded time of the month! Don't get caught ruining your new panties or feeling icky just because you're on your period - try out U by Kotex today!

Frankly my dear...Save the Undies!

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A special thanks goes out to Kotex for sponsoring this discussion & allowing me to share about their awesome product! Find out for yourself today!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Day in the Life {Link-Up}

Community has been huge for me lately & the blogging world has provided me with such fun relationships with people I would have otherwise never have met! I am always showing my husband pictures from your instagrams and he asks who you are...usually I just rattle off your name like he knows you like I do. I generally get the "oh do you really know them" remark...And that's followed with an "Of course, I DO!! ha!

When I first read about the link-up Rachel & Brittany were hosting, I was totally on board! I love getting to know the real person behind the blog and Instagram pictures. It's so easy to post the perfectly staged desk, amazing dinner, or freshly cleaned house...but let's be often is that really the case? (Myself included!) Some weeks it does happen but, other's not so much. Getting to know the real person behind the blog is exactly what this community is all about!

Rachel Rewritten

My morning routines can sometimes be a blur. I work from home so setting my schedule takes self-discipline...something that comes easier somedays that others. It's so easy to get caught up with all the tasks I need to get done - run here, visit this customer, drop off that, make sure there's food in the pantry... you understand. It is something that is just typical of life, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Ideally, my days would start here - with Jesus & Coffee.

This summer I am joining Naptime Diaries on the Abide journey and I am loving it so far! It's a great tool for the summer since it's a more of a weekly focus that you can work on at your own pace. So refreshing! 

Lately, I have also been preparing for my trip to China. I will be there this time NEXT month....crazy!! I am SO pumped to be leading a group of youth on a trip to China. We will be doing various culture activities as well as working with an english camp.

Part of my morning routine is also to make sure this guy is fed & happy. Axle is our one year old English Bulldog who doesn't realize he is infact a dog! He can be such a stinker but I love him so!

If any of you have been here long, you know my job is in agriculture. I work with farmers to market their crops. I've worked with corn, soybeans, & wheat, but for the time being I am just buying corn to  make ethanol. There's a ton of stuff that goes into it, but that's basically it. I absolutely love getting out each day and meeting my customers on their farms. Everyday brings something new & I am so thankful I get to experience that!

To say there is consistency in my evenings would be laughable. With Spring & Summer here, we've had something every night! Blame it on the awful winter, but there's seriously something all the time. Monday Luke plays softball, Tuesdays we have small group, Wednesday are church, & by Thursday and Friday we are about ready to collapse. We also aren't unpacked from our move from an apartment to a house so I feel like everyday I am constantly unpacking & putting things away.

Despite the busy schedule we have been making time for our evening workouts with friends. It's sometimes difficult to squeeze them in, but what's more important than our health?! Working out is FAR from a passion of mine - honestly enjoyable wouldn't even apply - but I know that it's important to take care of my body.

first, let me take a selfie....

It honestly doesn't seem that exciting, but I love this little life! I have been blessed with so much & the fact that I can say I come home to a beautiful home filled with everything I need - including a husband who loves me - I am one lucky girl! Everyday isn't easy, it's not always like the pictures you see on IG, but this pretty much sums up my everyday.

Thanks for stopping by & I would love to know more about the real you too!

Frankly my's just a day in the life of me!

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