Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh Hey Friday {v.6}

Happy Friday, y'all!!
Today I am joining  Kali & Amy for Oh Hey, Friday!

Will you accept this rose?

Where are my bachelor girls at?! Of course this has to be #1!! Farmer boy is back for some action & I am super pumped! For all the details, check out Jessi's post here!!

Gingerly Styled

I started my Etsy shop last fall & soon (hopefully this weekend) I'll be adding a few more items! Making things for happy couples, new babies, & families is so rewarding!
Make sure you check out the shop!

What quotes or items would you love to see in the shop?
What item would you like to see as a giveaway soon?! *hint, hint*

Wednesday's Words

I know I've mentioned this (like everyday this week) but I really love this new link-up Martha Kate & I started. This week was our first week & I can already tell it's going to be an awesome way to meet other encouraging women! Check out all the information & join us next week!

More info here & this week's link-up here.

August 29, 2015

Exactly on year from today I'll be standing next to my sweet friend as she says "I Do!" This week our friends, R + C, asked Luke & I both to be a part of their big day & I can't wait!
Bring on the sunflowers & Kentucky blue!


Despite the fact that I am NOT from Tennessee, my hubby is! And this weekend we're headed back to the south for the long weekend. Honestly, his nephews & football is making him like a kid in the candy shop!


Frankly my dear...happy LONG weekending!!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hey Friends - Happy Friday Eve!
Don't you love the sound of that?!

Yesterday Martha Kate & I kicked off our fabulous new link-up called Wednesday's Words! Click here for all the details & here to read our posts. I can't express just how excited I am about meeting these women & sharing with them!! Yesterday we shared about ourselves & what God is teaching us. Today I decided to continue that a little with Currently...! I am sure you've seen other bloggers across the land posting this lately, but I love it! And I'd love to read yours too!

reading: seven by Jen Hatmaker...well, I'm really listening on Audible, but that still counts right?

writing: blog posts & my schedule...on repeat!! Wow, that's lame!

listening: new obsession. And ALL playlists at that!

located: fort wayne, in...or my house. on my couch. 

thinking: that I really should have done this earlier...I'm exhausted. Story of my life lately.

smelling: the apples I just ate! YUM!
wishing: that I wasn't on this diet (I'm starving). and for some Häagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream.
hoping: well, now for some ice cream. and some rest.

stressing: about my impossible work goals.

praying: that God would help me sort out my priorities. I am constantly feeling like a hamster who can't stop the wheel. also that I would not miss opportunities from him.

wearing: my work t-shirt that I've been wearing all day & yoga pants. always yoga pants.

wanting: food. (see wishing and this post).

loving: my husband. he totally understand my hunger melt down, helped me with all my chores, & even peeled my apple. 
the Influence Network. our new Wednesday's Words link-up. and local coffee shops.

needing: this three day weekend. 

After reading some of those I am anxious to see how they might be different in a month or so. Each day this blogging world & network amaze me. 

Thanks for being part of it!

Frankly my dear... this is me currently!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday's Words {intro}

Hey Friends! 

I can't tell you how excited I am about today! 

Since I started this blog I knew I wanted to be a part of community. I had no idea what God had in store but over the past year I have met so many great women, been convicted, encouraged, & loved on. This community of bloggers is way more than just people we read about - each of you are friends & sisters. 

Today is another perfect example of fostering those relationships & building this body of believers. I have come alongside Martha Kate from Seasons with the Strattons to introduce Wednesday's Words.

For all the details on this weekly link-up, discussion topics, & information to become a co-host, click here or the button in the right column!

Since we are all new here, Martha Kate & I decided this would be the perfect time for introductions! 


In addition to the two of us as your hostesses, we will also have a co-host each link-up! We are so excited to introduce you to our first co-host - Anna! I absolutely love reading Anna's blog, and I know you will too! So be sure to go check Park Avenue out!

"I started blogging in 2011 to document my upcoming wedding and move to a new city. Since then, a lot has changed for me and my husband, Chris. I wanted a new, fresh space to share my thoughts, recipes, home decor, travel photos, my faith, and all the little things in between. Park Avenue has become my creative outlet, and I hope you will follow along!'


That's Martha Kate & her sweet husband there on the left! She's introducing herself here - so don't miss it!

As for me (the red head on the right if there was ever a question), my name is Jenni Frank & I created Frankly My Dear three years ago as an outlet for my writing. I have to be honest here, I was NOT serious about blogging then & it wasn't until October of last year (2013) that the Lord gave me a heart & mission for this little space.

I've been a Christian since I was a freshman in college & since then I have been through some beautiful mountain tops and extremely rugged valleys. Originally raised in Kentucky, I was born & raised in the Bible Belt. Christianity came as natural to me as sunshine & southern accents. It wasn't until college I realized that I was truly the one in the center of my own heart - not Jesus. It was really difficult for me to grasp that, but God revealed to me what a relationship & direction from Him really looks like.

A little bit more about me - I am married to handsome southern man named Luke. We had a May wedding two years ago & it was my absolute dream. I still haven't blogged it - here's to hoping! ha! We don't have kids yet but we do have a 1.5 year old English Bulldog who, quite frankly, thinks he is the human. 

My favorite things in life are days by the pool, fall bonfires, the color pink, & antique shopping. I am a huge creative & if I set my mind to it, I am sure I can make it! I have an Etsy shop here & love creating personalized items for customers. I am a member of the Influence Network & enjoy it more than words can express. 

My mission in life is to know Jesus & make him known. Right now he is teaching me some interesting things. Priorities in my life seem to be shifting & I think the biggest things I am learning is that my life is not my own & focusing on what really matters is. Kingdom living is not easy & that's where I am trying to find my footing. 

Again, I am so grateful that you are here & honestly cannot wait to get to know each of you too. God has brought us together for a reason & I can't wait to see his faithfulness!

Now it's YOUR turn to share!
We are so pumped that you are joining us for Wednesday's Words! There is nothing better than building community & we can't wait to dive in together! 

 Here are the Link Up Rules:
1.  Follow your Hosts and Co-Hosts
2.  Comment on Another Link
3.  Grab the Button and Link Back Here

 Wednesday's Words

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

That Girl {A confession}

There is always that one girl that is the perfect size, the one that can fit into absolutely know her. Maybe you are her...but I am definitely not her!

When I was in middle school I struggled with an eating disorder. It is something I think I've mentally blocked out of my mind because I don't remember much of it. I just know that at that point all I wanted to be was skinny - no matter the cost.

In high school I was active in sports so I was able to maintain the weight. I survived the "freshman fifteen" in college but the next year I moved into my own apartment with three best friends. We won't even talk about the sophomore seventy the four of us gained.

Junior year we all got ahold of ourselves & I started Weight Watchers. I lost weight & remained at my favorite weight until Summer 2012...yep...Marriage! I also had a job I didn't love & would just camp on the couch with ice cream any free chance I got. Last year Luke & I moved again & while my weight has stayed relatively the same, it's such a battle to maintain a weight were I feel comfortable in my clothes & happy with myself.

That's why yesterday, I officially started weight watchers again (for the third or maybe fourth time). It's not because I don't feel comfortable in my own skin, rather it's because I am seeking to live a healthy lifestyle.
Diet, Exercise, & plenty of rest is something I think we all take for granted. In ten years, I don't want those three things to be what I sacrificed.

While I'll still be participating in the online Weight Watchers program, I don't want to catch myself trying to achieve a "perfect" diet. I've come up with a few tips to keep me motivated & on track!

1. Stop Comparing - funny this is # one...especially since I started this post talking about "that girl". I've talked about comparison before, but dieting more than ever is where it needs to stop. God made me the way I am for a reason. I need to work towards His healthy & ideal image of me - NOT the world's.

2. Reward Yourself - The thing I hate most about dieting is thinking you have to give up all your favorite things. That's one reason I love Weight Watchers. But ultimately rewarding yourself in moderation will not only reinforce healthy habits, it'll give you something to work towards.

3. Do it together - Luke is doing this dieting thing with me too. Although I am terrified - men typically loose weight faster than women - it'll be good that we can motivate & encourage one another. Life isn't about struggling on our own - it's about sharing in the good & bad times. If there's anyone who knows how to make a diet more fun, it'll be my husband!

4. Don't make excuses - This one is easier said than done, but if you're dieting & you cheat, own up to it...and most importantly don't get down. This happens to me all too often & I find myself justifying my bad behavior (sounds more familiar than just food.) but that's the fine line between getting it right & doing it wrong.

5. Reduce - Funny right? Isn't that the whole point? I am talking reducing food intake, reducing food buying, limiting eating out, shopping, & mindless errand running. This dieting things needs to be more than just being intentional with food. In order to change a lifestyle, you have to reduce all areas of excess in your life.

Do you have any helpful diet tips?
What is the hardest thing for you while dieting?
What areas of excess do you need to limit in your life?

Thanks for joining me today as I dove into a few things about my life that are a little uncomfortable.
I appreciate your kind comments & look forwards to sharing this journey with you!

Frankly my dear... you are made in God's image, embrace it!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

August Mondays are for Lovers {Giveaway}

This week I am 100% believing that the words above are true.
God IS going to meet me where I am. He WILL do great things this week.

Will I meet him?

Also on the agenda for making this week awesome - a little raffle with the gals!
Just like coffee is for mornings & sprinkles are for cupcakes - these Kate Spade earrings are for you!

Good Luck & have a GREAT week!

This raffle would not have been possible without these darling ladies and also, of course, you know, our friend–Kate Spade.


Frankly My Dear | Port City Prescription
Beautiful Things | Flowers in my Hair
Near and Far Montana | Baby Got B.A.


a Rafflecopter giveaway
must be able to provide a US address so even if you live in Australia, let's say, if you have relatives who love you and send care packages, feel free to enter

Frankly my dear...August Monday's are for Lovers!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey Friday {v.5}

It's finally Friday, Friends!!
Today I am joining  Kali & Amy for Oh Hey, Friday!....Doesn't it look great on us?!

T Swift Confession!

So...I'm not sure if it is completly against the rules or not, but am LOVING Taylor's new song! Maybe it's the catchy beat or potentially all the awkward moves in this video - I live for awkward!!


So thank's to my fabulous friend & blog designer, Whitney, I am officially a Spotify convert. This post won me over & know I'm addicted. In fact, it's streaming now!

If you're a Spotifier....follow me so I can follow you!
(forgive my newness...I don't have playlists yet!)

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Last night I was officially nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge all the way from Alabama! In addition to donating to the ALS foundation, I plan on participating the challenge tomorrow evening....stay tuned!
Here are my two favorite articles about the challenge & what it's doing for the ALS Foundation:

and This Video:

In the Kitchen... 

This week Luke & I have eaten at home every night & it's been wonderful! Monday was Eggplant Parmesean (which is my farmer's market meal that I'll be sharing soon), Tuesday was meatloaf, Wednesday was Chicken Noodle Bake, & Last night we had pizza! Taking advantage of cooking at home is so refreshing & I love spending time with my husband!

What's your favorite meal to cook on weeknights?

       Eggplant Parmersean              //               Meatloaf              //          Chocolate Chip Toffee Dip  

Also check out the Firecracker Cookies Recipe form my kitchen over on Nina's blog!!

Happy Friday

This week has been super exhausting for me & I am SO ready for a little R&R this weekend! We have NO plans, a bottle of wine, & a pint of ice cream...we will be juuuuuuuust fine!

Oh, & if we don't want to stress about meal planning, these bold babies are going to be delicious! 

This weekend I plan to sleep...alot! Maybe a bonfire in the backyard & some Smores! Yum!
How about you?! Enjoy!

Frankly my dear...It's Finally Friday!!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

All About That Bold, No Trouble

There are a few things in life that come easily to me...writing, crafting, making new friends.
There are other things that I have to work really hard at to be good...math, sports, saving money.
And despite my love for the kitchen and all things baking - my meal planning seems to always fall into the second category.
If it were up to me, all dinners would be relatively quick to prepare (no trouble), healthy, & boldly delicious! A girl can dream right?!

Well, a couple of nights ago I decided to try something new...that did indeed fit those three qualifications - quick, healthy, & delicious!

Introducing Chili’s new at home frozen meals!

Chili’s new line of frozen foods delivers the bold, southwestern flavors and same great taste for which their restaurants are known for all in the comfort of your own home!

I decided to try the Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese meal & it did not disappoint! I am a mac-n-cheese, pile-on-the-carbs kid of gal.
Add some bacon & serve with something my husband whipped up on the grill & my night is made. And that's exactly what we did! Luke grilled up some chicken breast & I served up the Chili's meal right at my own kitchen table!

This has to be one of the easiest frozen meals that I have ever prepared at home. Not to mention the bold flavors that you generally loose from frozen dinners was NOT sacrificed with Chili's new line of meals.

The best part about Chili's new meals is that they really capture the ease & convenience of going out to eat - without all the hassle! Simply pick up any of the new meals - personal or family style - at any major retailer nationwide, keep on hand, & prepare anytime!

I also have to mention - this mac 'n' cheese was husband approved - a true test of the frozen aisle!

So, the next time you're searching for something that's no trouble & boldly delicious, head to your frozen food aisle & whip up some Chili's at home!

Frankly my dear...I'm all about that bold, no trouble!

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Many thanks to Bellisio Foods & Chili's at Home for sponsoring today's discussion and keeping my meals tasty and bold!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday in the Word...with a new look!

Hey Friends!
I have some extremely exciting news that I can NOT wait to share with you!

Over the last couple of weeks I have really been praying about my online presence & it's influence. 
My Wedneday's in the Words have been a blessing for me to write & share, but I was desperately wanting it to be deeper. I wanted to feel like it was helping to foster community. Then China came into the picture & it seemed like my priorities shifted for a short time. 

Enter Martha Kate.

She, like me, deeply desires to know Jesus & make him known in this community. 
We thrive off of other women sharing their life & time together.

She wanted to start a new link-up called Wednesday's Words, and with my already established Wednesday in the Word, we knew it would be the perfect match for this new sweet time each week. (Isnt God's plan awesome?!)


Wednesday's Words is a linkup with the purpose of encouraging other bloggers!  
This is a weekly linkup hosted by Martha Kate from Seasons with the Strattons and Jenni from Frankly My Dear.

The setup of this linkup is a little different.  
The last Wednesday of each month is the only linkup with a topic.  The other Wednesdays you can link up any post that you have written that includes a Bible verse, quote, prayer, or song that God has used to encourage or uplift you. 

One of our favorite parts about blogging has been the community that we've formed as well as reading how God is working in others lives.  It is always encouraging to read that somebody is going through the same things as we are.

The goal of this linkup is to serve as an encouragement to our precious blogging community!


August 27th: First Wednesday's Words LinkupWe are using this first date to introduce ourselves and share where we are in life and what God is teaching us!

September 3: Link any post!

September 10: Link any post!

September 17: Link any post!

September 24: What has God taught you about encouraging others in the blog world/real world?

So grab the button and be sure to link up your post with us NEXT week!!
Also, be sure to #wednesdayswords on social media so we can share your posts!

Wednesday's Words

There will also be a co-host for each linkup.  
If you are interested in co-hosting, be sure to check it out here.

We are so encouraged by this new weekly date & can't wait to build this great community!

See you next week, friends!

Frankly my dear...Wednesday's Words will build community!

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