Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday's Words {intro}

Hey Friends! 

I can't tell you how excited I am about today! 

Since I started this blog I knew I wanted to be a part of community. I had no idea what God had in store but over the past year I have met so many great women, been convicted, encouraged, & loved on. This community of bloggers is way more than just people we read about - each of you are friends & sisters. 

Today is another perfect example of fostering those relationships & building this body of believers. I have come alongside Martha Kate from Seasons with the Strattons to introduce Wednesday's Words.

For all the details on this weekly link-up, discussion topics, & information to become a co-host, click here or the button in the right column!

Since we are all new here, Martha Kate & I decided this would be the perfect time for introductions! 


In addition to the two of us as your hostesses, we will also have a co-host each link-up! We are so excited to introduce you to our first co-host - Anna! I absolutely love reading Anna's blog, and I know you will too! So be sure to go check Park Avenue out!

"I started blogging in 2011 to document my upcoming wedding and move to a new city. Since then, a lot has changed for me and my husband, Chris. I wanted a new, fresh space to share my thoughts, recipes, home decor, travel photos, my faith, and all the little things in between. Park Avenue has become my creative outlet, and I hope you will follow along!'


That's Martha Kate & her sweet husband there on the left! She's introducing herself here - so don't miss it!

As for me (the red head on the right if there was ever a question), my name is Jenni Frank & I created Frankly My Dear three years ago as an outlet for my writing. I have to be honest here, I was NOT serious about blogging then & it wasn't until October of last year (2013) that the Lord gave me a heart & mission for this little space.

I've been a Christian since I was a freshman in college & since then I have been through some beautiful mountain tops and extremely rugged valleys. Originally raised in Kentucky, I was born & raised in the Bible Belt. Christianity came as natural to me as sunshine & southern accents. It wasn't until college I realized that I was truly the one in the center of my own heart - not Jesus. It was really difficult for me to grasp that, but God revealed to me what a relationship & direction from Him really looks like.

A little bit more about me - I am married to handsome southern man named Luke. We had a May wedding two years ago & it was my absolute dream. I still haven't blogged it - here's to hoping! ha! We don't have kids yet but we do have a 1.5 year old English Bulldog who, quite frankly, thinks he is the human. 

My favorite things in life are days by the pool, fall bonfires, the color pink, & antique shopping. I am a huge creative & if I set my mind to it, I am sure I can make it! I have an Etsy shop here & love creating personalized items for customers. I am a member of the Influence Network & enjoy it more than words can express. 

My mission in life is to know Jesus & make him known. Right now he is teaching me some interesting things. Priorities in my life seem to be shifting & I think the biggest things I am learning is that my life is not my own & focusing on what really matters is. Kingdom living is not easy & that's where I am trying to find my footing. 

Again, I am so grateful that you are here & honestly cannot wait to get to know each of you too. God has brought us together for a reason & I can't wait to see his faithfulness!

Now it's YOUR turn to share!
We are so pumped that you are joining us for Wednesday's Words! There is nothing better than building community & we can't wait to dive in together! 

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 Wednesday's Words

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  1. Wait wait! I missed it. I need a schedule to put on my blogging calendar LOL

  2. This is such a great way to get to know other sisters in Christ! FYI you and I could totally hang out..I love pool days and fall bonfires (who doesn't?!), but mainly we love Jesus and doesn't that just connects us all:)

  3. I LOVED your photo of your sweet bulldog for national dog day yesterday :) I hope you do blog about your wedding someday, I'd love to see pictures!

  4. I found you through Mississippi Mrs. Can't wait to follow!!! :)

  5. Your pup is TOO cute & I can't wait to check out your etsy site! so excited for Wednesday's words!

    blessings xoxo


  6. Yes, blog! This are always my favorite posts! :)

  7. Love this sweet friend! So excited and can't wait to see where this goes! So thankful God worked out the details on this friendship!

  8. So happy to meet you and get to know you better! Thanks for being a host of this link-up. I think it is going to be great for our blogging community. Happy Wednesday! XO

  9. I love your blog and couldn't resist joining Wednesday Words. Looking forward to future posts :)

  10. So happy to "meet" you! Looking forward to this linkup and all that the Lord has in store for us. Thanks so much for hosting!!