Monday, September 29, 2014

Hi Friends {Giveaway}

Happy Monday, Friends!

So...I'm sure you're wondering where in the heck I've been the past three days! 
No worries... I was having the time of my life at the Influence Conference. 
But really....three of the best days of my life. Confused? 
Visit the network here & learn about the conference here
I'll be recapping soon but if you're wondering if I had a good time...check out my Insta or know that I have already purchased my 2015 ticket. 
No joke. 

(I should also mention that the tickets for next year are crazy reduced...but only through today...don't miss out!)

While I am recovering from my life changing weekend, here's a fun Monday pick-me-up!

Good Luck!



Frankly my dear...on Mondays we giveaway GiGi!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Encourage Defined {Wendnesday's Words}

Welcome to Wednesday's Words, ladies!

Today's Topic:
What has God taught you about encouraging others in the blog world/real world?

So...what does encourage mean? What does it look like? Who does it? Why do we do it?

There are so many questions we can ask about this idea of encouraging, but when we look really deep, when we examine it's intent, we are brought straight to the feet of the gospel.

When we look at encourage defined, we see the phrases "give hope to," "support someone so that they will do or continue to do," "help or stimulate." As we compare those attributes with the bible, we see that throughout scripture Matthew, Paul, & even Jesus himself encouraged others.

The author of Hebrews (unknown, but speculated to be Paul) wrote these words to the Hebrews:

"And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near."   Hebrews 10:24-25

We can see that we are to consider - think on - how to "stir up one another to love & good works." That as a Chrisitian, it's a command to think about others and how we can bring them good. My favorite part about the scripture above is also that second command: "not neglecting to meet together." If that's not the definition of community, I don't know what is! This world is crazy & downright scary. It's our role as christian brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues, to meet together, to encourage others, & to bring glory to God all the days of our life.

So what does encouraging one another look like?

Just like in 1 Thessalonians, encouraging one another means to build up each other, to push one another to love & good deeds, to spur one another on in love. Encouraging each other can come in a number of ways. Handwritten notes, an email, a coffee date, volunteering together, reading The Word together, and simply praying for each other are all small examples of how we can encourage each other in our daily lives.

Part of today's question was how God has used the online world to encourage. To be honest, I am encouraged daily by the women I encounter through Twitter, Instagram, or blogs. The words of my sweet friends are real, true, & inspiring. I know I talk a lot about how I adore this community, but I honestly can't get enough of it! God has placed us in each other's paths for a reason & I am so thankful for that! will you build someone up today? Will you clear some space to consider how to love on your husband, friend, or coworker in a way that would push them to Jesus?

Thanks for joining us today & I can't wait to learn more about what encouragement looks like to you!

Frankly my an encouragement today!

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 Wednesday's Words

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Welcome Autumn!

Good Morning, Friends!
It's officially a new season & isn't it refreshing?!

Fall is by far my favorite season!
So today I am sharing some of my favorite Autumn activities & a our Fall Bucket List!

Download this fall bucket list here or a blank one here

Print out the blank one, insert it into a glass frame, & write in your own fall activities using a dry erase marker! 

What do you love about fall?! What's on your bucket list this season!

Frankly my dear...Happy Fall Y'all!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Sun, The Rain, & The Apple Seed {Weekending}

Does anyone remember the Johnny Appleseed song...ya know the one you learned when you were little?!
Yea, me either. But Google did & oh how fitting it is!

The Lord is good to me,
And so I thank the Lord, 
For giving me the things I need,
The sun, the rain, & the apple seed,
The Lord is good to me.

So what in the world does this have to do with me or Monday?!

Well, here's a fun fact, Johnny Appleseed - renown apple planter - actually died in Fort Wayne, Indiana 149 years ago!
It's no surprise that there's a park & a minor league baseball team named after him here, but my favorite nostalgic thing - the festival. If you've been around these parts long, you know I am a sucker for an outdoor event - especially when there is food and/or crafts involved!

Yesterday after church, Luke &  I decided to just run to the festival for lunch...four hours & two bellies full of delicious apple concoctions later, we made it home.

Hot Apple Cider + a GIANT apple smoked turkey leg.

To give a little background, the festival is not only a tribute to the apple man himself, but it also captures a simpler time. The vendors are not allowed to use any sort of modern conveniences. All the food is cooked over an open fire & without propane - who even knew that was still possible?! They are required to wear attire from the 1800s, sell products, demonstrate trades, & entertain just as the settlers would have in those times. 
I'll sure tell ya though - there was no shortage of food or fun at the event!

Buttered Sweet Corn on a stick.

Fresh Carmel Corn popped & sweetened right over the fire!

Trendsetting Bonnets - of course! 

The Infamous Carmel Popcorn

Live Entertainment - on of the seven (or so) stages at the festival 

Fried foods are nothing new to this southern gal, but these apple petals? - to. die. for.

Melt in your mouth Apple Dumplings - that I miiiiight have bought more than one of to bring home!

Some good physical activities for the kids
(maybe for the adults to work off all the apple goodness!)

Our new friend - Mr. President

The monument of the man who started it all!

And if you missed this Insta post yesterday, the fall weather + hot apple cider was perfection.

We managed to make it out with several fresh flowers, only a pumpkin or two, & several apple delights! The old timey crafts, kids games, & FOOD was incredible! Spending the day taking in the sights with my husband was even better!

So to wrap up with song I started with, you can see why it's lyrics held true for this fun day!

The Lord is good to me,
And so I thank the Lord, 
For giving me the things I need,
The sun, the rain, & the apple seed,
The Lord is good to me.

How about you?! How was your last official weekend of summer?!

Frankly my dear...the Lord is good to me!

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Also! Don't forget THIS Wednesday is the topical Wednesday in the Word! This week's topic:
What has God taught you about encouraging others in the blog world/real world?!
Can't wait to share with you! For more info, click here!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Oh Hey Friday {v.9}

Happy Friday, friends!!
Today I am joining  Kali & Amy for Oh Hey, Friday!

As per the usual - five of my favorite things about life!



There's a million reason's why I love fall...TV is definitely in the top 10! Next week kicks off the big premiers & earlier this week I posted what's on our viewing schedule!

Are you a Fall TV junkie like us?
What's on your viewing guide this year?

The Influence Conference

Words can't explain how pumped I am to meet some incredible ladies & learn some new things. It's my first blog conference (even though it's not technically a blog conference) & I have the perfect bag, notebook, & business cards ready - can you tell I am just a little excited?!

 photo ConfHeader_zps4e8dab5e.jpg

Homemade Bread

Tuesday morning I baked my first three loaves of sourdough bread - from scratch! There's so much joy that comes from baking something from nothing & knowing other people will enjoy it also. Being in the kitchen is something I learned from my mom & I am beyond grateful for that.

You can be sure I'll find those extra pounds I've lost lately with all these delicious carbs sitting around!

Happy Fall Y'all!

Next week is not only the Influence Conference, an awesome week for TV, but it's also the first official day of autumn! I am a total Fall junkie so this week, ALL the decor came out! Yesterday I completed the mix with a few mums & indian corn...perfect!

Do you decorate for Fall?
What's your favorite Fall activity?

Blessed is she who Believes

Last week I told y'all I was going to see Beth Moore live in Fort Wayne. It was incredible! I recapped it all here but you can also download the conference here for 30 days!

There was a total of 190,000 women who were taught the word of God on Saturday. Can you imagine what kind of change in the world could happen if we all lived completely sold out for Him?


This weekend I am FINALLY home!
Cheers to that, friends! Hope your weekend is a blast!

Frankly my dear...Cheers to Friday!!!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Living Proof {Women of God}

Oh friends, my heart is so full this morning to share with you what I learned over the weekend the Beth Moore Living Proof conference!

Lately God has been teaching me so much about marriage & my role as a wife through our ladies small group. He has me in this role to serve my husband as Christ served the church, but that's not the only place God has me. Through this weekend, I learned that I am not just a wife. I am a woman of God & he has such a huge plan for me!


I am going to share the seven points Beth walked through on Saturday with a bit of my own commentary & what it means to me.

1. We are one gathering of women yearning for God to speak.
As you can see from the photo above, this is stating the obvious a bit. With a packed house of 11,000 women in Fort Wayne + thousands of women in churches, living rooms, coffee shops, & military bases, this was most definitely a gathering of women to seek the Lord. Over 190,000 women joined in on Saturday & there's no telling how many will download a copy within the next 30 days. (more info here!) To know that God has the ability to speak individually to the heart of each woman there is absolutely incredible. 

Beth began the weekend with a few words I can't get out of my head - "Being female well." I absolutely loved that & through the next few points you'll see how she really tied that together.

2. Jesus changed the story of every woman he meets.
As I mentioned before, Jesus has the ability to speak and know EACH and EVERY heart of women & men around the world. He pursues us and life that he encounters will never be the same. This weekend was specifically focused on women & how Jesus sought after women in the Bible. To know our God is loving & compassionate about his daughters is simply awesome.

Blessed is SHE who believed. Luke 1:45
One story that really stuck out to me was when Beth told us that she's always praying for God to reveal himself to her. I am sure that like me, most of you can relate to that too. She went on to say that this weekend - and every encounter we have with Jesus - should not just be about him revealing himself to us, but us also responding to him.  A question we should ask - and answer - daily is "What will I do with what God says to me today?"

3. Jesus wants a women to know who she is & what she's not.
On Monday I shared with you the Identity Declaration that we recited to one another on Saturday. If you missed it, it goes a little like this:

I am a woman of God.Redeemed by Jesus ChristLoved, Pursued, & ChosenEquipped with words of lifeClothed in strength & dignityCommissioned here & nowGifted by the spirtForgiven & Unbound---Blessed is she who believes--

Ladies, God clearly spells out in his word what we are & are not supposed to be. So often I find myself praying that God would teach me what & who I am supposed to be in him. But fiends, it's totally spelled out for us! We are redeemed, loved, pursued, chose, equipped, clothed, gifted, forgiven, & unbound. We are not weak, ugly, rejected, forgotten, lost, deserted. We are HIS!

4. Sometimes a woman needs a clean sweep to find what she's missing.
I am not sure about y'all, but I am always missing something - my keys, my phone, my pen, my purse, the list could go for days. But what about that $5 you never even realized you were missing? How often do we get so preoccupied with our own little plans that we miss what was right in front of us?! This day in age we are considering so many things - work, school, family, blog, church - that we often give God the time that is left after all those things clear our mind....but do they ever really? WHAT IF we considered God FIRST? What if before work, before school, before extracurriculars, we truly considered what our God had to say? We would probably realize we were missing something all along.

5. A woman's joy is not the same without girlfriends to share it with.
Oh Friends! This is one I get excited about! I thrive off of my girlfriends! I am blessed beyond measure that so many of YOU actually feel like real life friends despite the fact that we have never met. And I am SO thankful for that! God provides us with special people in our lives to share our joy with & encourage. It's so biblical to share life with one another & I am grateful for a God who wants that for us!

One more thought on this girlfriend idea - we see thousands of faces everyday. We have hundreds of connections from all different places - but those are not the friends I am talking about here. Beth made a very clear point that today we have SO many of those connections, but not so many comrades. Let's be comrades ladies! Let's be the friend we want to be. Let's share true joy & not seek to steal others. Let's put away our insecurities, the competition & the comparison. Let's be excited for our sisters!! 

6. All of heaven rejoices over a lost woman found.
Sisters, our goal on earth is to bring glory to our Heavenly Father. And nothing brings him more joy or more glory than when a friend becomes our sister! Let's be women who seek after other women - to genuinely care for each other's salvation. It's such a simple point - but it's also our life's calling.

If our calling doesn't test our faith, we haven't stepped far enough into our calling.-Beth Moore

7. Every woman is well able to share how Jesus is changing her story.
It's fascinating to know that the Lord has a plan for us, isnt it? To top it off, his plan is so much better than we could imagine - if we let him. The story that he is writing with our life is so beautiful & something that should be shared!

Will you let God be the author of your life? Will you be willing to share it with others?

Thank you for loving us. Thank you for Jesus' finished work on the cross. Thank you for your word & how you provide instruction for our lives. My prayer for the women reading this post is that their heart will grow deeper in love with you. That they would see how much women mean to you & your kingdom's work. Let them not just seek you, but also to respond. I praise you for the work you have, are, & will do in my life. Thank you for using me. Please continue to use this space for your glory!

I am so excited that you stopped by today. Thanks for reading & I pray you are blessed today!
I would LOVE to know your thoughts! Please comment below or email me with questions, comments, concerns, & prayer requests!
I seriously can't wait to hear from you!!!

Frankly my dear...I am a woman of God!

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