Monday, October 27, 2014

Positively Pink

Y'all know I have a heart for Breast Cancer Awareness. And if you've missed Tuesday's on Frankly My Dear, you've missed TaTa Tuesdays & all things Breast Cancer Awareness - but check it out before you leave!

Last week I posted about a Breast Cancer Chemo Kit & tweeted about it using the hashtag "SaveTheTaTas." If you're unfamiliar with that phrase, it was a campaign started by the Save The TaTas Foundation. It's an awesome tagline for an organization that funds cancer research, awareness, education, & community service.

Since the campaign began, #savethetatas has become an iconic slogan for breast cancer awareness. Hence my use of it in last week's tweet. Well, I received a reply tweet that said:

"save the women #breastcancerawareness breasts are secondary"

While I totally agree, it sort of rubbed me the wrong way. This month is about sparking conversation, drawing attention to breast cancer, & the women fighting it - not questioning other's intentions of the use of a hashtag. I also know - ALL too well that it's about the women. I am missing a friend & mentor because of this disease.

I'll admit that I am unsure of this woman's motives behind her reply tweet but it's reminded me that it's not about the petty things - this cancer is serious & it's not a joke. Stand up for what you believe & fight for those who you love.

Today I am joining with some friends who also have a heart for breast cancer to give you a giveaway that really is Positively Pink!



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Thanks for participating!

Frankly my positively pink!

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Now it's time to grab some tea & visit my sweet friend Katie!

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  1. I think this is a wonderful way to raise awareness girlfriend! I love shopping for products that donate money for the cause because I feel less guilty about shopping that way because I have the excuse it's "for a good cause" haha!