Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome to the Week {v.7}

1  |  Happy New Year's Friends!! 2015 started with a relaxing weekend with these two before all the crazy hits! How was your first weekend of the year?

2  |  Planning for 2015 has been overwhelming for me. There's so many things I want to plan & set goals for, but for some reason writing it down has be terrified. Is it fear of failure? Laziness? All I know as it's not about me & My God is stronger than any other.  Also, Munchkin Donuts from Dunkin Donuts are my new fave!

3  |  There's nothing like southern cooking! This weekend we had the traditional New Year's meal, but i also made a blueberry cobbler from my great grandmother's recipes. It made me think about the legacy that she left behind & what mine will be like. Added to my 2015 goals is to cook through a cookbook & mediate on what my legacy will be for my great grandchildren.

4  | I talked about this along on Friday but y'all KNOW that I'm a Lara fan. Are you reading her book too?!

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·· Entry Way & Collage Wall Inspiration

·· New Year's Day Traditions
·· We are moving!

·· Starting this week I'll be sharing some of goals & 2015 planning with y'all! If you're sharing too, please leave me a comment so I can cheer you on too! 

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Frankly my dear...welcome to the week!!

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  1. LOVE Lara's book so far! I hope you have a wonderful week friend!! Oh, and what is better than Southern cooking? :)

  2. I have Lara's book but haven't quite had a chance to start it yet - I'm so looking forward to it! And that blueberry cobbler looks so delicious - isn't baking just so fun?

  3. Looking forward to seeing your goals! For the first time I put mine out there for all to see! It was terrifying and exciting all at once! Good luck!

  4. oh dang munchkins! i could eat the entire box.
    and i love the entry way!