Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Washing Feet

In high school I was in a small group of all girls. My mom was the teacher & honestly I didn’t mind that. My mom was my friend’s teacher in elementary school, she was my teacher in sixth grade, & it was no different for her to be my teacher at church too.

She’s taught me MANY lessons over the years – about life, faith, & people. But there’s one lesson from this group that I remember SO vividly. This small group of high school girls and a few leaders were about to take a trip across Kentucky to participate in a mission project. This project is all about serving those in need by completing physical labor on homes in a community. To give you an example, on this particular project, I roofed a house. Not that that has anything to do with the point, I just really wanted to tell you I roofed a house.

I digress – this lesson that my mom taught to the group was to prepare our hearts for service. To instill in us the very heart of Jesus – servanthood.

The room was warm and dim and we all sat in a circle. There was a pitcher of water, a bowl, and cloth on the table. My mom said a few things – exactly what I don’t remember but I don’t think that’s what matters. What she did was what mattered. She took the three items on the table, bowed before each member of our mission team & washed their feet. I don’t think at the time I fully understood why there were tears in her eyes as she did this to the ladies in the room, but today I totally get it.
So if I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.John 13:14

In this society that we live in today, entitlement & self-centeredness flow like rivers through the hearts of Christians & Non-Christians alike. We live with Instagram worthy lives, promoting ourselves & the things of this world when if we truly lived with a heart like Jesus we would be seeking to serve others. This command to serve is something the world looks down on. To wash someone’s feet would be unheard of & lowly. Why? Because pride has been planted in our hearts by the Enemy and we feel that we deserve more than that. This idea is counter-cultural I know, but Jesus – the savior of the world – washed feet.

A devotion I read recently was discussing this topic & this is what it said, “Jesus had the lease reason among any living man to be humble. Yet he modeled a life of perfect, sacrificial humility and taught His disciples to the same.”

We are his disciples & we are to follow his example in washing feet. To follow his example of trading in entitlement and pride for humility & servanthood.

How can we wash feet where we are? What are ways to serve and give and love the people we see on the daily?

Frankly my dear...wash feet.

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Wednesday's Words

Monday, March 9, 2015

Welcome to the Week {v. 12}

1  |  March. This month is not only my birthday but it's my husbands, both of our nephews, sister-in-law, cousin, & several friends. It's such a refreshing time to celebrate the life of so many loved ones AND to celebrate the new season of Spring & our Risen Savior. I love March.

2  |  This month is also for traveling. I'm hitting several major cities for work & training. I'm visiting family & getting away for a little mini vacation too. Are you going anywhere exciting this spring?

3  |  A couple weeks ago I shared about fear & this Wednesday I'm sharing about serving. During this season of transition the Lord has really laid some important things on my heart - including my inability to do it all. I'm surviving this season by keeping an attitude of gratitude & remembering where my true worth comes from.

4  | Basketball is life for this Kentucky Girl. Have I mentioned I love March? 

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