Monday, April 27, 2015

Welcome to the Week {v.15}

1  |  Selfie Saturday. Because HELLO pictures on the wall!! So thankful to have a husband who humors me & finally making a decision on where to hang things. YAY!

2  |  Fresh. Our first little mater is growing growing growing! Hooray for gardens & yummy fresh food!

3  |  Joy. Currently in my diffuser is JOY. I bought the USB diffuser for work & I am obsessed! Joy enhances your mood & helps eliminate stress - perfect for a busy day in the office!

4  | Nephews. Sunday we had an a little adventure with our boys & it was so much fun! A year ago it wouldn't have been possible but things have a way of falling into place!

So, how was your weekend?

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Oh Hey Friday! {v.18}

Oh Happy Day! Here's Five.

11th Avenue 

Remember a month or so back when I shared about my favorite place to order wooden monograms from?! Well, they've had a makeover!! 

Groopdealz is now Eleventh Avenue – A Handpicked Boutique Marketplace with so much to love! I am so excited to share Eleventh Avenue with you because not only can you save up to 70% off on trend-setting fashions, fabulous home d├ęcor and adorable children’s items but you can also connect with those around you as you shop, love and save. New features include saving items that you love for later, creating collections of your favorite products and you can now easily share products with your friends. Check out 11avenue - you'll thank me later!

And remember that now through 5/22, you can get an extra 15% off Eleventh Avenue sitewide when you use code AVENUE15!

Influence Network

Speaking of makeovers have you SEEN the new makeover of the network? Everything is new & improved and I am in love!! Things are clean, new, & exciting. Below is a sneak peek of some of the new changes & also some information on membership.

If you're not a member, NOW is the time! Not only do you get to take advantage of classes, forums, & encouraging community...but there's a new Creative Women's Summit coming up - FREE for members!

Celestial Creations 4U 

Last week I shared a beautiful business with an even more amazing artist. Did you see her work?

This collab was so fun for me & Celeste was so kind as to offer YOU a fun discount code too! 

Influence Conference

I know, I know...I already shared about Influence but you have to check out the line up for this year's conference?! I. AM. PUMPED.
This network is on fire & these women are crazy awesome!
Here's a sneak peek for the revivals at the conference. In addition to general session AND creative classes, these revivals will rock your world!

Have you heard of the conference? Are you going?!

Essential Oils

I've been on the oily trend since the beginning of the year but I really haven't taken full advantage of the benefits EO's offer. Lavendar, Peppermint, Thieves, & Grapefruit are my top four at the moment. Pretty basic but it's a start.

Tell me - do YOU use oils?
What's your favorite combo?

Who's got exciting weekend plans?! 

Frankly my dear...Happy Weekending!!!!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Welcome to the Week {v.14}

1  |  Proud Wifey. Isn't that boy up there the cutest? He killed a big turkey on opening day & he sent me this picture since I wasn't there to see it. He was excited & I couldn't love him more!

2  |  Role model. Not only was this wedding weekend a huge success....this lady & I got to spend three packed days together & they were awesome. We laughed & cried & almost fell out of the sky when our plane hit some intense turbulence, but I wouldn't change a minute. So thankful to call this lady my mom.

3  |  Bride. She was beautiful yall! There's something so captivating about a bride on her big day & I loved this shot of her minutes before she said "I Do!" I had a blast with all my cousins celebrating Lauren & Jake! #theperfectbrew

4  | Little M. She'll be here soon! This weekend was my real life sister from another mother's baby shower & although I missed it due to wedding travel - I couldn't resist dropping this little gift off to the mommy-to-be. I am so excited for this precious lady & can't wait to meet her!

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·· 42 Ways To Do Spring

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·· Throw It Off

So, how was your weekend?

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Be Bold {Accessorize}

The leaves are green, the tulips are blooming, & the garden is planted. That only means one thing: Spring has FINALLY sprung!
So, it's out with the old & drab and in the with the new & colorful - accessories I mean!

Today I am super excited to share with you a spring fashion staple & an incredible brand that I know you'll love also.

Meet Celeste.
An artist & designer of unique jewelry.
Owner of Celestial Creations 4U.
Creator of beautiful things.

I met Celeste a couple of months ago & since then have fallen in love with her work. Her eye for creativity & passion for beautiful things spills over into her work.

She sent me a beautiful necklace to share with you & I love how versatile & eye catching it is. The bold colors and versatility of this piece is lovely.

This Handmade Beaded Necklace is Blue & Yellow was one of my favorites from Celestial Creations 4U. The bright colors snagged my attention & the beautiful details sealed the deal. 

Accessories for me are a bit of a stretch - I'm a simple pearl & monogram kind of gal. But when I saw this necklace I knew that it would be a beautiful enhancement to almost any outfit.

My favorite thing to do with bold pieces like this is add it to a solid color. Some ladies can totally pull off pattern on pattern but I love the pop that this necklace gives a simple solid shirt or dress.

Here I added my Celestial Creations 4U to two different outfits. 

First, a simple white tee & skinnies with some Jack Roger's sandals. The casual look is great for work, dinner with friends, or an afternoon date!

The second I paired with my latest Stitch Fix dress for church last Sunday. The bright bolds leaped off my dress & everyone noticed! I got a lot of compliments & loved being able to share that it was handmade by a friend!

My favorite part about this handmade necklace is the delicate detail in the beads. Each blue bead has such fine design & the quality is incredible. 

This beautiful piece speaks for itself & so does the artist who created it!
Celeste began creating jewelry in her preteens and has become more passionate about as she's gotten older. Three years ago she founded Celestial Creations 4U when she decided to create a life around her passion. Since then she's created lots of unique pieces that you can fins on her website.
Celeste believes that there is beauty & inspiration everywhere. "If you're looking for it, you'll find it." she tells me. The inspiration in her work is evident and she accredits that to nature, art, fashion, & the world around her.

One last thing I want to leave you with is Celeste's personal favorite piece that she's created. The wire-work beaded statement necklace made with turquoise & gold bead and found art charms is one of the first she ever sold & remains her favorite. "It was so perfectly imperfect!" she described.

Find more of Celeste's handmade jewelry at Celestial Creations 4U & social media.

Celeste has also invited y'all to shop & save by offering all Frankly My Dear readers a 10% off coupon! Use JENNI10 for a discount on your purchase.

It has been my pleasure to share Celestial Creations 4U today & I hope you get to know Celeste!
Thanks for dropping in today!

Frankly my dear...accessorize!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

42 Ways To Do Spring This Year

Play in the rain.  ·    Start a garden  ·    Pick some flowers  ·    Go on a nature hike  ·   Sip your coffee on the porch swing  ·    Make new friends with your neighbors   ·    Eat dinner outside   ·    Send someone a homemade card   ·    Take some pictures of your friends or your dog   ·    Plant a tree   ·    Watch the sunrise   ·    Visit the park   ·    Make Cookies for a co-worker   ·    Go shopping for a floppy hat   ·    Create something   ·    Sing in the shower   ·    Celebrate a made up holiday   ·    Hunt for Easter Eggs   ·    Ride a bike   ·    Donate some clothes   ·    Go wine tasting   ·    Paint a picture   ·    Mark something off your bucket list   ·    Enjoy the stars   ·    Buy a succulent   ·    Be kind to yourself   ·    Finish a DIY project   ·    Replace something in your home   ·    Send a cheesy note in your loved ones lunch   ·    Eat an extra cookie   ·    Catch a few more minutes of sleep   ·    Watch an old movie   ·    Go barefoot   ·    Call your mom, grandma, or aunt   ·    Build a fort in your living room     ·    Paint your toes   ·    Grill out   ·    Read a book   ·    Go fishing   ·    Attend an outside festival   ·    Pay it Forward   ·    Savor your season

Frankly my dear...Do spring this year!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Welcome to the Week {v.13}

1  |  Weekending. One of the best parts of moving home is getting to do all the fun things we used to bow fish in the lake & ride four wheelers. Bet you didn't know I had a redneck side to me!

2  |  Home. The yard is mowed, almost all of the boxes are unpacked, & new projects are underway - it's safe to say we are fully embracing a home of our very own!

3  |  Garden. We started our first outdoor spring project a few weeks ago & #FranksHomegrownAdventure is coming along nicely. We had a few sunny days this weekend & we were able to get the rest of our garden planted. Hurry up little crop babies!

4  | Crafting. Springtime just oozes God's creativity & I love joining in the fun & making some sweet decorations for my home. Have you created anything lately?

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

MIA March + April Goals

It's been a while, friends! How are you?

I've been MIA most of March & I've really missed this community! Things got crazy & I really felt led to just take a step back & do the next thing. For me, the next thing was tending to my new home, focusing on my job, & being present in my marriage.

I won't lie, there was a twinge of guilt in my heart for forsaking my blogging duties but when I asked myself the question "When I look back six months from now, what will I have wanted more of?" Family Time or Blogging? I choose the first & I definitely don't regret it.

God has showed me that I like to do A LOT of things. I think that's one of the attributes he has instilled in me. However I believe that with that desire, he often gives me lots of things to do in order to show me just how much I NEED him. This season of busy was one of those moments.

Blogging - to me - is not about making money or building a business. I have fallen into the numbers game & even compromised my goals by trying to make something of this blog that it is not. My intentions are to know Jesus & make him known. I want to know people & share life with them. This click on the internet that you've stumbled upon is my space to make that happen - and I am SO glad that you are here.

About a year ago I began creating monthly goals. I started for a couple reasons - stay focused, remember things that were important to me, etc. But as time has gone on & I've learned the power of grace & the word no, I've decided to switch up my goal making. Before, I made a list of 7-10 things I really wanted to do over the next calendar month. Now, I'm going to narrow those in a little bit to four key areas of my life that are most important to me - God, Personal Growth, Marriage/Wife Life, & Business/Blog. There's tons of goals I could make for myself but I'm finding the beauty in simplicity.

Pray More. Can it really be that simple? YES! 
Lately I've been taking prayer for granted & not as one of the most powerful tools God has given me. I want to pray specifically, intentionally, & expectantly.

Find my rhythm & routine. This may be stating the obvious but my life has lacked some serious routine lately. Moving, new job training, traveling...the list is exhausting & so is not having a rhythm. 

Give Grace. Last week I seemed to have forgotten all about grace. I was unforgiving & difficult. 
This month I really want to make a point to show grace is all areas of life but specifically to my husband and in all things marriage. 

Write. Simply put, I just want to do it. I need to do it. 
It's been stressful these last few weeks but I truly miss this outlet and my friends. This one will go along with my personal goal to find routine & I fully intend to pencil this time into the new daily.

So for today, I'm choosing surviving over thriving. I'm choosing simplicity & small over extravagant & big. I want to do the things that matter. Thanks for stopping by today & for all of you I have desperately missed, it's SO good to see you!

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