Tuesday, April 14, 2015

42 Ways To Do Spring This Year

Play in the rain.  ·    Start a garden  ·    Pick some flowers  ·    Go on a nature hike  ·   Sip your coffee on the porch swing  ·    Make new friends with your neighbors   ·    Eat dinner outside   ·    Send someone a homemade card   ·    Take some pictures of your friends or your dog   ·    Plant a tree   ·    Watch the sunrise   ·    Visit the park   ·    Make Cookies for a co-worker   ·    Go shopping for a floppy hat   ·    Create something   ·    Sing in the shower   ·    Celebrate a made up holiday   ·    Hunt for Easter Eggs   ·    Ride a bike   ·    Donate some clothes   ·    Go wine tasting   ·    Paint a picture   ·    Mark something off your bucket list   ·    Enjoy the stars   ·    Buy a succulent   ·    Be kind to yourself   ·    Finish a DIY project   ·    Replace something in your home   ·    Send a cheesy note in your loved ones lunch   ·    Eat an extra cookie   ·    Catch a few more minutes of sleep   ·    Watch an old movie   ·    Go barefoot   ·    Call your mom, grandma, or aunt   ·    Build a fort in your living room     ·    Paint your toes   ·    Grill out   ·    Read a book   ·    Go fishing   ·    Attend an outside festival   ·    Pay it Forward   ·    Savor your season

Frankly my dear...Do spring this year!

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  1. such a cute post! i love it. so many great ideas! i am all about an outdoor festival, going barefoot, and eating an extra cookie!

  2. This is a great list. I hope to do a lot this spring/summer.