Tuesday, May 26, 2015

{All The Things} I haven’t had time to say

1.      I am spread too thin. By my own design no less. I have started about 35169 tasks since May 1st & haven’t really finished a one.

2.      My heart melts every time my four year old nephew calls me “Aun Nennie”

3.      The Influence Network’s Creative Women Summit was incredible. {Missed it? Join! You won't be sorry!}

4.      I am really nervous about re-launching my wedding coordinating business.

5.      Moving home has been crazy hard for me. 

6.      I’ve watched a few too many wedding videos of people I don’t know recently.

7.      Leading a small group through the Influence Network has be super pumped about the lives of women on the internet.

8.      I am devastated I finished Scandal on Netflix. Speaking of TV shows, why can’t The Gilmore Girls come back?

9.      I really need to drink more water.

10.   Our garden is really taking off – hello fresh veggies & homemade salsa!

11.   I’m kind of over all the self-help books & posts lately – I really just want to get lost in another world with crazy characters.

12.   My college roomie got married this past weekend & it was absolutely perfect!

13.   I hate that I haven’t been more present on the blog but it is what it is & the internet does work without me (although I miss you).

Frankly my dear...all the things!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Welcome to the Week {V.17}

1  |  Momma. Because one day just isn't enough to celebrate that wonderful woman!

2  |  Puppy Child. I posted this one on instagram yesterday but I can't help but share this little fur baby of mine again! A shout out to all you dog mommas out there! 

3  |  White Shorts. Have you ever tried to take photos of a four year old in white shorts? I'm sure I don't need to elaborate...

4  | Carrot. A whole row of them! Unfortunately they're they only fighters in the group. We actually had to replant the whole garden but hey, what's an adventure without a little trial & error?! #FranksHomegrownAdventure 


·· Must Drink This.
·· Max Out {Summer Fashion}
·· Need to do: Listen to this Podcast


·· Thoughts on Marriage {a MUST read}

Are you tuning into the Creative Women Summit by The Influence Network THIS Thursday?!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This day three years ago I woke up way before the alarm.
No one else was awake & the sun was just coming up.
I went downstairs & out onto the porch where the tables were waiting to be decorated.
I sat in the rocking chair & prayed.
About the day to come, about the vows we were about to take, & about the life we were about to begin.
The emotions I had I can't begin to explain but I know that it's something I've never felt before & probably won't ever feel again.

Looking back at my wedding day I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life. But to be frank, I don't think it is the best day. I don't think it's supposed to be. Each day of marriage brings about new problems, new joys. The days that follow the vows are the best days because there's something so special about two people becoming one. Two separate entities joining together to live, work, play, share, & love together.

Marriage is hard.
It's not about the wedding or the parties that surround it.
It takes work & compromise & there are tears.
Marriage is beautiful.
Marriage is probably the best thing to happen in my life next to my salvation.
It's fun & exciting. A constant adventure if you will.

This day three years ago marked a lifetime of commitment. I am forever grateful that The Lord saw fit for me to enjoy marriage & I am so thankful for the man he led into my life to be my husband.
These past 1,095 days have been a roller coaster & I can only imagine the turns & drops we have coming up.
But. We get to do it together!

Happy Anniversary to my main man, my forever roommate, my lifetime love!
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All photographs by the talented Stephanie Reeder Photography

Monday, May 4, 2015

Welcome to the Week {v.16}

1  |  Ball Park. Spring is for T-Ball games. And this little goober did great! Such a fun Saturday!

2  |  Graduation. THIS lady graduates LAW school this weekend & I am so proud of her. Four years ago we were roomies & today she takes her last final to become a fancy lawyer! Did I mention she also gets married in two weeks?!

3  |  Party. Need a new summer bag for the pool? I've got you covered! My thirty-one party closes on Wednesday so if you need a gift or new purse, shop now!

4  | Three. Tomorrow the handsome man I call my best friend & I celebrate three years of wedded bliss. What I would do to relive that day all over!! 


·· Shower I want to Host
·· Oh Sweet Joy Summer Line {aka Pineapples} 
·· Need to do: Closet Detox

·· Creative Women Summit by The Influence Network (not a member? become one!)
·· Thirty One Party
·· 42 Ways to Enjoy Spring

So, how was your weekend?

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Oh Hey Friday! {V.19}

Here's Five.

Thirty - One

With wedding & graduation season HERE, I thought it would be the perfect time to throw a little Thirty-One Party! If you've never owned a Thirty-One bag, you're really missing out. The quality is awesome & they're super cute!

My favorite is the large utility tote & it just so happens to the be the special this month! YAY! Don't you just love May?

The party will run through this weekend & I'd love for you to join! Here's the link.

Oh Sweet Joy!

This week alone I bought three pineapple things....is that wrong?
If it is, I don't think I wanna be right!

Last week Kim over at Oh Sweet Joy released her Summer line & the pineapple headband was required!

If you haven't stopped by to visit her, she's awesome & loves Jesus!

Kentucky Derby Weekend

Today is Oaks in Louisville & this KY girl is really missing the Bluegrass. Here's a little recap of the party I threw last year & a few fun facts about Derby Day.

Thred UP

Have y'all heard of thread up?
The theory is phenomenal....you order a bag, fill it with clothes that you don't want, & then you get paid. Easy. Simple.
I ordered a bag & haven't tried it yet but a friend of mine did & out of 30 item, they accepted 9. She was so disappointed in them that I'm nervous try it.

Have you? How was your experience?


Enjoy the weekend, loves!

Who's got exciting weekend plans?! 

Frankly my dear...Happy Weekending!!!!

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