Three Letters

An amazing lady told me that college is the first opportunity to actually choose friends. I had never thought of it that way, but it is true. In elementary school we play with those who our parent’s pick for us, in middle school we hang out with those who we see everyday, and high school is generally just a combination of the previous two.

But college is different…

When I came to Murray State University in the fall of 2008, I never dreamed that those friends I would choose would have such a radical impact on my life. I made a decision to join a sorority where I would meet my maid of honor, my best friends, and my role-models.

Alpha Gamma Delta would be the three letters that I have worn across my chest for the past four years and as I prepare to initiate a new class of girls, it reminds me of just how much a group of women can mean to someone. I can honestly say that I have no idea where my life would be right now if it were not for the friendships and experiences that I have had within this sorority. I am so thankful and have been blessed beyond words to have been part of Alpha Gam.

Just recently I have gotten to know two new girls that will grow to be women in Alpha Gam just as I have in my college career. It is my hope for these two and the other 25 to find the same joy in the ladies around them as I did in my time as an Alpha Gam. They will learn that it is the movie nights, making dinner, rummaging through peddlers mall, making t-shirts, inside jokes, crafts, acorns, and tears that build friends into sisters and girls in women.

As I close this chapter in my life, I know that those friendships I chose to cultivate with a chosen few will be cherished for the rest of my life and I am so thankful for those three letters!

Frankly my dear…I am who I am because of AGD.

                      Me & Abby on my initiation day four years ago!


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