There is a very special person in my life that I could not live without. She is not only my best friend and my role model – she is my mother. There are a lot of girls out there that say their moms are their best friends, but I can truly say that my mother is my greatest friend. She has not only been my caregiver and teacher (literally!) but she has been my role model for faith, my future, and anything else that I can think of!

     There are not many opportunities for me to do special things for my mom – even though she is always doing for me. However this past month was her birthday and I could not resist the opportunity to do something for her! I decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her at a local restaurant. I invited her high school and college friends, brothers and sisters, work and church friends, and family. They all arrived before we did to ensure that she was truly surprised. As I watched her walk into the room where all of her friends and family were, it was clear she had no idea. We spent the rest of the evening eating and fellowshipping together. All in all it was a huge success and I am so thankful for everyone who joined us to celebrate because I know that it made Mom’s birthday that much more special!

     November is a month to be thankful and focus on those things that we are blessed with. I am blessed with an extraordinary mother and there are no words or surprise parties that will ever compare to how thankful that I am for her.

Walking In!

Friends & Family came together to make the night really special!

Frankly My Dear…I have the best Mom in the WHOLE world!!


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