A thought from above…

At 38,000 feet everything below is tiny. Rivers and roads, fields and mountains are the most definable features. It really puts things into a different perspective because the things that we see up-close everyday are so very tiny from far above.

I am on an airplane flying home from Las Vegas and as I look out my window I realize what an awesome God I serve. To see such an incredible view is only proof of an all-mighty God that can do anything.

It came to my mind that from way up here all the problems down there are so small. Just like in my everyday life. The simple stresses and worries that I feel like are big deals are really only tiny details in the grand scheme of the rest of life.

Another thought that God popped into my head is that while I am so far up and everything below is so tiny, he knows me. He knows how many hairs I have on my head, my every thought, and my every desire. This God who created each living thing and has nurtured it through its life knows them on a personal level. It is unfathomable for the human mind, but that’s my God.

From the country singers of Nashville, to the squared off fields of Missouri, over the flatlands of Arkansas to the snowcapped mountaintops of New Mexico, my God is so mighty and so intimate. After leaving a place like “Sin City” I have never been so thankful to have been raised in a Christian community with godly parents.

Frankly My Dear…I serve a God that is almighty!!