Day 37

Today, Alpha Gamma Delta mourned the loss of a sister. 

Kaytryn Parrish, was beautiful young woman who was taken from her friends, her family, and her sisters on Sunday, April 8th 2012. I pray for her family, friends, and all those who had the pleasure of meeting that shining smile. I pray for understanding, for peace, and for strength. Our thoughts are so selfish for wanting to keep her here, but God has a plan for this terrible tragedy. There is a time and reason for everything and I pray that God will have all the glory and praise in such a trying time. 

Tonight’s memorial service was a symbol of sisterhood, love, and remembrance. Although this was not an ideal circumstance to return to the chapter of girls I love so much, it was a sound confirmation of just how much a group of women can mean to me. 


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