Day 239

HuHot Mongolian Grill

My first day on the job again! There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into somewhere completely new. For the third time this year, I have had an ADM “First Day” experience. From what I have been told, there are so many opportunities in this company that there is no telling how many first days I really might have with ADM. After finding my way to the plant yesterday, today’s route was breeze, it’s meeting the new people that’s a bit trickier. But to my luck, the Lincoln office is full of young faces, more than willing to help me find my way through these uncharted corn processing territories. After a long day at work, Gram and I did a little craft shopping and ate at a really neat Mongolian Restaurant called HuHot! You went through, picked your foods and sauces and took it to the Hibachi chef who cooked it right in front of you. Much better than a bowl of easy mac at the hotel!


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