Day 310 – WW Begins!

Smart One’s for Lunch

Yesterday I picked up Weight Watchers again. I lost quite a bit of weight my last semester in college in preparation for the wedding on weight watchers and as I prepare for my best friend’s wedding in five short months…it’s time to shed a few newlywed pounds. Losing weight is NEVER easy, but there are a couple helpful hints that keep me on track.

  • Encouragers – Just like a lot of other things is life, a faithful encourager is a key part of looking weight. And I am not talking about those people who talk about how much they work out or the ones that count every calorie they put into their mouth. I am talking about the ones who understand what you’re going through – and most likely are working at it with you. My husband is a great and encourager in my life, but not for losing weight –I swear that boy is NEVER full and doesn’t gain a pound. So choosing a close friend who understands what I am going through was necessary. My friend and I started on the same day and –via text- wine and cry about our chocolate neglect. It’s perfect. Having someone who keeps you accountable and encourages you is one of the most important aspects of a successful weight loss program.
  • Plan AHEAD! – I know that this one is obvious, but it’s so critical. When I know what I am going to eat, I stay on track. It’s those days that I say “Oh I will just find something” that I always slip up. My secret to success: always keep a smart ones in the freezer, a clementine or apple in the fridge, and some almonds in my purse. Also along the lines of planning ahead is know the points value of your meals and snacks BEFORE you eat them. Don’t get into the habit of saying “It can’t be that much” –it CAN. A great example that I live out is sticking to portion sizes by preparing them in advance. For example, as soon as you get home from the grocery, count out a serving and bag it individually. I will never forget my roommates in college helping me bag pretzel sticks into little baggies so that I wouldn’t eat more than I was supposed to. 

There are a ton of other helpful hints, but the most important thing I preach to myself daily is that I didn’t gain it in a day, so I won’t lose it in a day. If you’re traveling along this weight loss journey too, you’re not alone.

Frankly my dear…we will be skinny in NO time!


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