Day 318

Loving It Wednesday!

Today I am going to share a product that I am loving at the moment!

Bobby Pins. They are EVERYWHERE…. around the house, my car, work desk, you name somewhere I have been in the past few hours and I am sure you won’t be searching too far for a bobby pin. That’s why this year Santa tried to fix me up!

Introducing Goodies Mindy Bobby Slides:

I saw there were only four and I was a little skeptical, I mean have you SEEN how thick my hair is?!

But it was definitely worth a try…

…would you believe me if I said it only took one Goody Mindy Bobby Pin {on each side of course}to get this look? Maybe! But how about that this picture was taken almost 12 hours after they were FIRST put in? That’s right! These little sliders lasted me ALL day..without even so much as a redo.

 Oh the power of one….now if I can only keep track of them!

Frankly my dear….yall run out and grab ya some!

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