Day 321: A year from today…

Click the photo to go to the awesome blog where I found this quote!

While scrolling through my Pinterest feed I stumbled across this lovely quote!

How many things do we say daily that we tell ourselves we need to start doing? 

Dieting, Exercising, Breaking a Bad Habit, Being Better at Something…the list is endless. And this quote sums it up beautifully! “A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.”

In college I was disicpled by a sorority sister who was head over heels in love with God. It was her daily goal to serve him and still is now more than ever. She always said something that stuck with me and I quote to people today: “Be the woman you want to be at 50 at 20.” She always encouraged us that if we wanted to be in God’s word daily, we start today. If it was a goal to be an organized wife and mother, to be organized today. Her advice is so true, as is this quote. We need to be the person we want to be starting today!

Happy Saturday, Yall! 

Frankly my dear…. start TODAY!

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