Happy New Years: Top 12 in 2012

Obviously 2012 has been an amazing year for Luke & I! It’s hard to believe what one year can hold! There’s no way to recap the whole year, but I thought 12 highlights of 2012 would be fun….and corny! 😉

Top 12 of 2012

1.Published in KY Soybean Magazine

So this one isn’t a huge deal, but how many people can honestly say they are published in a state wide magazine?! I had an amazing 5 months at the Kentucky Soybean Board in 2012. I am not only thankful for the opportunities it provided me with, but also the friendships I built through the experience.

2.Vegas Trip

This was a fun one! Mom had a word trip in Las Vegas and I got to join!! It was a great opportunity to see a part of the country I never had and visit with some family. I was also able to see Vegas for all it was worth!

3.Murray State being last undefeated team in the national and UK being NCAA Champions

I love basketball so this one is a given! 2012 was great for my basketball boys! An amazing season for the Racers and a Championship for the Cats! Although this season is starting a little rough, this is about reminiscing on the past!


4.Wedding Festivities

This highlight deserves one of its own! My friends and family put SO much work into every shower, party, and gathering they held in honor of Luke and I. We are blessed with wonderful friends and family and so thankful for all the cards, gifts, & well wishes!

5.       Our Big Day

This one is obviously a given! May 5, 2012 marked the next chapter of our lives. It was an amazing day and I would totally do it all over again – even the totaling my car part! 😉 I am so grateful to all my friends and family who made my day possible and to officially be married to my best friend! Life couldn’t be better and I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives hold!

6.Our Honeymoon

A week in paradise is just what the doctor ordered after all that wedding planning…..the best part….it was just me, sand, surf, & my HUBBY! Is it time to go back yet?

7.Moving to Tunica

My first move in 22 years! Although it was only for a month, that apartment was our first home!

8.Buying a house in Evansville

This highlight is really exciting! Luke and I are blessed to have jobs that provide us with the opportunity to be   homeowners. We closed on our home on June 29th and we are still enjoying every minute of it! My favorite part – DECORATING for all the holidays! 

9.Starting my job at ADM

I was beyond blessed to have been offered a job with ADM before even graduated last December. I started in Decatur, IL at our headquarters on June 4th and my first day in Evansville was June 11th. The amount I have learned in the past six is incredible and I am still learning more. Working for a corporate company is very interesting and is teaching me a lot about myself and what I value most in my life. I know that God has us here for a reason and I am reassured of that everyday and I just know I am so different than the people around me. ADM has been a blessing to Luke and I even when it doesn’t feel like it. Without our jobs with this company, we would not have the means to provide for our home, our cars, or the fun things we like to do!

10.Friends getting Married & Engaged + BABIES!

January 7th – Mrs. Sivells
June 9th – Mrs. Garvey
June 20th – Abby ENGAGED
August 1st – Addison
September 8th – Mrs. Fondaw

September 9th – Baby Embry Ann Nelson

11.Evansville Race for Cure

On September 22 Evansville Komen Race for a Cure was held. It was an absolutely amazing event that was so inspiring! Mrs. Anna Lea, Mom, and I celebrated with all the other breast cancer survivors and it was one of most amazing memories from this year!

12.    Our First Holidays as Mr. & Mrs.

Holidays are always important at the Frank house! Family is one of our first priorities so planning can sometimes be a challenge. This year Thanksgiving was a draw, so we hosted in Evansville!! Christmas went off without a hitch as we visited both families.

2012 was phenomenal – by far one of the best! Luke and I were blessed with more than we could ask for and I pray that 2013 will be just as great! 

Frankly My Dear….Bring on 2013!