Time. Where does it go? My last post was almost a month and a half ago and it only seem like yesterday!

A little recap of April to get you up to speed….

1.)I went with my wedding photographer, Stephanie Reeder, on a couple of engagement shoots! SO FUN! It sparked my wedding passion and set into motion a whole bunch of ideas including…

– A new camera lens

– Photo Shoots with friends…Luke…and Axle

He’s such a good sport!

– AND my new business, Gingerly Styled…ah! I am so excited! There will be more on this to come but this is the main reason I have been a little MIA lately!

2.)VACATION to Gulf Shores

3.)Luke’s First Turkey!!

4.)Abby’s Monograms and Mimosas…which deserves its OWN post! Stay Tuned!

5.)Annnnnnd April kicked off a bit of a soul searching period for Luke and I. We are super blessed so it’s hard to complain but God has a plan for us and sometimes he gives us hardships to shape us into who he wants us to be. So if you find yourself with a spare minute send up a prayer for us to remain faithful and positive in the face of hardships!

May is already in full swing and There’s lots more to come this month! In the meantime, check out my new wedding and event planning venture! Visit us on Facebook for the latest and greatest OR online {still under construction} !

Frankly My Dear….Time flies when you’re having fun!

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