Closer to Heaven

As the old southern saying goes “The bigger the hair, the closer to Heaven”…and let me tell you, I have found the perfect product for a boost to heaven! This Spring I received the Spring Fever Vox Box from Influenster and among the goodies I received was Osis Schwarzkop Dust It Powder. 

I tested it out a few weeks ago at Abby’s bachelorette bash and fell in love with it! It was perfect for my tick, heavy hair. A lot of times it won’t tease because of how long and heavy it is, but it definitely met its match with this powder. The word “mattifying” is used on the package and that’s exactly why this product works so well. The powder allows your hair to stick together, or “mate”,  and therefore makes it taller as you tease. 
A lot of users don’t like the icky feeling that comes along with it, but for a coarse hair like mine, it’s perfect and in most cases, the only way a good tease will hold. Other reviews also talk about it being really hard to remove from hair, but I personally didn’t have too much trouble. However, I have become accustom to lots of product in my hair to make it hold. 
A trick I have learned is to take bit of conditioner and massage it in the area with a lot of product – in this case the powder. Let it do it do its thing and wash your again normally with shampoo and condition it well. 
So…the next time you’re looking for a boost in your hairdrobe, check out Osis Schwarzkop Dust It Powder…I love it!

Frankly My Dear…the bigger the hair, the closer to heaven…especially with Dust It!

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