The Skinny: Part Two

Dieting is the worst, but apparently my ability to blog about it is even worse! Sorry that I promised to fill you in on my adventure and didn’t follow through…so here’s a rundown:

My Groceries for the week…
How I really felt about the bananas!
My Daddy’s attempt to make tomatoes taste better…

Day One: Fruits only was much easier than I anticipated. I really loved that I could plan my meals & that made sticking to them much easier as well. Dinner however was the worst…I mean isn’t that supposed to be the meat and potatoes kinda meal?! But knowing that this wasn’t a lifestyle diet but rather a “crash” diet made everything a bit easier.

Day Two: Veggies only was just okay. I had the same feelings towards the Veggies only as I did the Fruit – easier than I expected just because of the ability to plan meals.

Day Three: Combo veggies & fruit only. Easier yet.

Day Four: Bananas & Yogurt. Okay…so I hate bananas but for the sake of the diet I did it! I successfully ate 5 bananas & 6 yogurts. Let’s just say I was NOT hungry this day but did actually feel the best. Weird right?

Day Five: Tomatoes & Fowl. Like the bananas, I hate tomatoes. However thank goodness I was at home! Momma knows BEST & she baked them with some spices and parmesan cheese…YUM-MY! Obviously the turkey & chicken was a no brainer. This day turned out to be MUCH better than I expected.


Day Six: Veggies & Fowl. Honestly I think I gained weight this day. Since I was at home & momma made all my faves – corn on the cob, baked zucchini, mashed cauliflower (not my fave but a substitute for potatoes), & baked chicken. So needless to say I ate. A lot. I also snuck some fresh shrimp. But it was delicious & still healthier than my typical dinner.

Day Seven: The FINAL day! Soup. I slaved over the hot stove & not so appetizing ingredients in order to complete the diet. I will have to say I think I did pretty well…until I found out I had to fast for 12+ hours & give blood at work. That really did me in & resulted in a PB&J for some recovery nutrients.

Honestly this was not the healthiest diet out there. I did loose 6 pounds and although it wasn’t the anticipated 10 pounds in seven days it definitely did the trick into getting my body ready for a healthier lifestyle diet. Today I am still losing weight & participating in weight watchers to ensure my accountability.

Frankly my dear…you are what you eat!

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