Life Sweet Life

Greetings from Fort Wayne, Y’all! It’s official – we are
northern Indianans {but don’t you dare call us Hoosiers}!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long since my last
post but I guess that’s what happens when you spend your weekends on the road
visiting your husband, interviewing for jobs, & coordinating weddings.
That’s been my life in a nut shell recently but I want to give you more of a
life update! Don’t worry for you skimmers I’ve included pictures! 😉 But if you
don’t read anything else, skip to the last paragraph!

August –

August marked the first full month of 2013 that Luke and I
lived apart. Him in Fort Wayne, IN & me in Evansville, IN.{ Complete
opposite ends of that state if you aren’t familiar with Indiana geography.}
Luke accepted a job with Bunge doing pretty much the same thing he did at his
former job. I stayed and manned the home front in Evansville continuing my role
at ADM.

Other exciting happenings in August consisted of…

… Our new friends Kurt & Dana tying the knot…

…A trip to St. Louis with the parents to visit Gram…

…Another road trip to Michigan for a crop insurance meeting…

…A venture to the Vet for Axe Man…

…And a weekend with my man!


…Another month down and learning to trust God with every
aspect of our future. A marriage spent apart is never easy but especially in
this still somewhat newlywed phase. Honestly it felt just like it did when we
were engaged. But knowing there was a greater plan and that this is where we
were supposed to be at this point was enough hope to keep us going. {Hope…another
interesting topic…Thankful for a God who provides HOPE}

The most exciting news however of September was accepting a
new job with Cargill, Inc. Also a company similar to ADM doing almost the same
thing I have for the last year. This new job was supposed to begin on the 23rd
but with some slight complications – and yet another circumstance to “Let Go
& Let God” – I wasn’t able to start until the 30th. But I have
started my new job & I am loving it. Currently I am doing quite a bit of
traveling for training but soon I will be in a normal routine & most
importantly – with my husband!!

Also in September…

I coordinated my first wedding…

Attended a Purdue Football Game with Luke’s coworkers…

Enrolled Axel in Puppy Classes…

Donated 11+ inches of my hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths
campaign for women with cancer…

ANNNNND…drum roll please…Officially moved to Fort Wayne…

October –

In this first week of October, Harvest has officially begun
and as members of the agriculture world Luke & I have been focused on
nothing but work. God has truly blessed us beyond measure and if there is one
thing that we have learned through this whole season it is his timing is
perfect. His plan is far greater than I can even begin to imagine so I just
have to consistently remind myself that he has brought me here & already
knows the outcome. He knows what I need, when I need it. Why do I doubt that so
often? It’s critical that we recognize his plan for our lives daily because if
we don’t we will never be able to discern his plan form our own selfish agenda.

Frankly My Dear…it may be a crazy life, but it’s our life!

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