More for your Monday

Monday’s are NEVER fun…. mix in a little grocery shopping
and you have a recipe for disaster. Today had been “one of those” days
anyway…but with nothing but junk food in the house it was necessary to take on
this impossible task.

There are several chain grocery stores on my way
home—including the infamous Walmart, home of the one line open with thirty
people waiting & back row parking spots—Also along the way is an Aldi. For
those who have never been to an Aldi, it’s a discount-shopping store based out
of Germany. There are no fancy advertisements & greeters at the door,
rather a quarter for your buggy (you get it back upon return) and you have to
bring your own bags. It sounds a bit hoboish if you will, but it’s my favorite.

Today I managed to get enough food for nine meals, breakfast
food, some desserts and (more) junk food for only $100.04. That’s right…not a
single coupon used. The trick is that none of the food is “name brand” &
they don’t have all the bells & whistles of your typical grocer. In fact,
that not only makes it cheaper but quality and selection are sometimes better.
For instance this particular trip you could have snagged about anything your
pumpkin loving heart desired. From coffee creamer & bread to ice cream
& cookies….Aldi had Pumpkin Spice everything…including the actual pumpkins!
Cheaper bread & eggs not only made this one stop more successful but there
were NO lines & the people were just downright friendly…asking about my
day & commenting on my love of cheesecake balls (Diet of course…).

There maaaaay be one…or two…missing!

Now grocery shopping isn’t usually #1 most interesting thing
on the blog list…but sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most!
Saving money, meeting someone new, & getting food that’s healthy and
delicious is part of what makes a happy life!

Today’s Favorite Buys!

I hope your Monday was as successful as my Aldi trip!

Frankly My Dear…Get More for your Monday!

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