Day 17 {#GratefulNovember}

My Home Church.

This morning I was blessed to be at my home church. Nothing quite compares to worship & fellowship with the people who helped raise me up in faith. There’s also just something different about that southern preaching that hits home.

This morning’s message was on confronting culture & how stagnant Christians are becoming to controversial issues. Moving north has been eye opening in many ways – Christianity included. I no longer live in the “Bible Belt” where church is a way of life. Here, it’s a decision. As I listened to the message this morning I was convicted of how others perceive me up here. Not that other’s opinions are my focus, but weather they see I am a light for Jesus is. My prayer is that other’s would see something different in my life and that I would be a woman of faith who would confront culture the way that Jesus did.

Frankly my dear…Southern Sundays are the best.


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