Day 20 {#GratefulNovember}

The Little Things.

The last few days I have been really thinking about what I am thankful for. Obviously there are MANY things I am thankful for…too many to blog about. But somethings aren’t always the most interesting to read about….but that still doesn’t make me any less thankful for. A lot of times it’s the little things that mean the most! It’s the Wednesday nights cuddled on the couch, cleaning the garage with your man & puppy dog, quoting movies, getting in bed early, the perfect monogram, celebrating the good days, being there for the bad days, Law & Order Marathons, a successful craft catching up with friends, a good glass of wine, a perfect sunset, family time, front porch rocking, and the list could go on & on! It’s the little things that add up to the big things & the these are the things I am most thankful for!

Frankly my dear….I love the little things!


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