Day 24 {#GratefulNovember}


Today Luke & I decided to try a local church. We’ve really been missing our home churches but between moving to a new place and harvest schedules, finding a church has been impossible. With a somewhat more regular schedule approaching and finally a free Sunday, we jumped at the opportunity to attend a Baptist church just a couple miles from our home. It’s slightly bigger than what we are used too, but we were so welcomed & they taught straight from the word…two essentials we were thankful to have found.

Wallen Baptist Church

I am going to share a little bit of what’s been on my heart lately…mostly because it’s been on my mind AND this morning’s sermon was on it..God moment for sure. As our two year anniversary is approaching in several months, the big question on everyone’s mind is…Kids? I usually roll my eyes & laugh historically because that might be the farthest thing from our minds at this point, but should it be? If there is one thing I’ve learned this past year is that God’s timing is always perfect & we can honestly say that’s NOT one thing we want to rush (or are thinking about…) but with everyone around me, it’s hard to not think about.

Honestly, at this point I think it’s been on my mind for a couple reasons….everyone is asking, people around me are experiencing it, & it’s the next step in our lives. It’s crazy how our whole lives we measure time by what’s next…high school graduation, college, college graduation, getting a job, getting engaged, getting married…and then….kids. It’s just natural. But I also think that, as getting engaged has become such a to-do, babies are becoming the same way…weekly pictures, gender reveals, baby showers, photo sessions, & the list continues. Is it that I am thinking about kids or all the “fun stuff” that comes with it?

If Luke & I weren’t ready before, this morning’s service sealed the deal. The sermon was entitled Parenting 101. It was the final segment of a series of sermons on leaving a legacy. He preached straight from Proverbs about the responsibilities of parents & the covenant Christian parents make with God to raise a child up in the ways of the Lord. It was an incredible perspective & gave me hope that although God requires much, he provides us with instruction on what to do. It’s exciting & nerve racking at the same time. A HUGE takeaway I took from the sermon was that I need to start praying for my future children’s heart TODAY. Proverbs explains how the heart is what God requires and what truly leaves a legacy! Awesome! So that is why I am truly grateful for prayer & a God who loves his children enough to provide instruction for their children!

Frankly my dear…Prayer is awesome!


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