Five on Friday + Day 15 {#GratefulHarvest}

Happy Friday Y’all!!

I am absolutely loving this Five on Friday stuff! Y’all know the drill…

{one} UK Basketball is BACK!!! I may be living in Hoosier nation, but this is one loud & proud Kentucky Fan. And boy am I glad they’re back! Despite their early performance against Michigan State, I anticipate a MUCH different team come March. Go Cats!

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{two} These delicious little yogurt almonds have stolen my heart! Delish…

{three} All good southern women love pecan pie! Although I have my Granny’s recipe,  I stumbled across this amazing presentation here (and actually from a Five on Friday link!). I cannot wait to make them for the hubby’s coworkers! 

{four} I heard this song today & I LOVE it! I know I am a member of the agriculture community, but everyone should Thank a Farmer…where would you be without them?

{five} #GratefulNovember Day 15

Southern Roots.

Recently Luke & I made a trip home to finish settling the sale of our home in Evansvile and to do a little deer hunting. He started the morning in the woods, followed by a hearty southern breakfast date complete with sweet tea, & we wrapped up the morning with a drive through the country before he returned to the woods. It’s a different life down here – people talk slower, nobody is in a rush to get anywhere, & people always wave. Always. Life is simpler & I am so blessed to have been raised here.


Frankly my dear…have a great weekend y’all!

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