Five on Friday + Day 22 {#GratefulNovember}


Shew…this weekend could not have come soon enough. Despite that fact I love being busy with work, I cannot stop making my to do list for family arriving in FIVE days!

{one} Thanksgiving Menu of course! These sweet printables from Designer Blogs have me thinking about putting my chalkboard skills to use & making my own! I spent last weekend finalizing the menu with mom & I can NOT wait for Granny’s Mashed potatoes!

{two} Are you a No-Reply Blogger??? I was! Until, thankfully Kasey from Life and Love with Mr. Wonderful helped me out! She’s pointed me in the right direction & now I’m a real commenter! 


Not sure if you are a no-reply blogger? Test to see!

Leave yourself a comment on your blog. Check your email. See who it’s from! If it’s from your email…you’re in the clear…if not you need to check out one of these blogs to get fixed up!

Fluster Buster

Story of my Life

Chicky Stitches

{three} With Thanksgiving right around the corner (literally)…I am getting into the Christmas spirit! I am not one to start decking the halls before the turkey celebrations, but I absolutely can not wait for our Christmas card pictures. My friend over at Red, White, & Marine Wife got a new camera so we’re going out to do a photo sesh soon!

Notice Axel’s Doggie Sweater…OBSESSED!

{four} Nashville… The city & the show! Growing up just north of Music City instilled a great love for the city, but the show…well it just is my fave! Each Thursday the hubs & I have Nashville DVR night (casue we’re already in bed on Wednesdays..ha!) It’s a highlight of my week!

{five} #GratefulNovember….Tonight I am grateful for Date Nights!! Ever Friday the hubs & I try to make it to BWW…his choice! It started with football season & now it’s just a weekly tradition! Oh how I love married life!

Frankly my dear…Happy much needed Friday, Y’all! 

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