Bun It Up!

Since September I have been loving my short new hair-do. But over the holiday break, I really started missing the ease & elegance of my favorite style – the BUN! So to make myself feel better I found three classic bun styles that are quick, easy, and totally eye-catching.

The french braid sock bun is a classic. It adds that extra touch to the original sock bun & completes any outfit. Learn how from this great video tutorial.

This fishtail framed sock bun is great for that cute atzec dress you just got for Christmas or those new patterned leggings & boots! Check out the tutorial here!

My absolute favorite is this messy yet absolutely perfect top knot. The ease of the bun adds so much elegance & it goes with everything. Learn how from this post & rock the style for New Year’s!

Just to reminisce for a moment, here’s my signature bun…pre-cut!

Do you have a favorite bun style?! 

Frankly my dear…Bun it up, Y’all!

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