Five on Monday + Cheers to a New Year + Christmas Swap

Happy Friday Y’all! 

Happy Saturday Y’all! 

Happy Sunday Y’all! 

Happy MONDAY Y’all! 

Yes…I am behind. Forgive me?! I’ve seriously been trying to write this post for days…

Between wrapping up some work obligations, getting ready & traveling for the holidays, AND catching the 48 hour “Bug” in the middle….I am way out of sync! This post will serve as a recap of the link-ups I missed, Five on Friday & the Christmas Swap! Sorry for the overload but it’s just life…right?


modern medicine. I am not sure where the whole 48 hour “bug” originated, but I am so thankful it’s gone! A work meeting + 5 hour drive home make for one miserable set of circumstances. I am just thankful everything is all cleared up before the holidays! Here’s to modern medicine, y’all!


Thursday I missed the third week of the Cheers to a New Year Link-Up. We featured our highlights of July, August, & September 2013.


July was a bit of strange month in the Frank household! Luke moved North to start his new job & I stayed back in Evansville to finish up things & sell the house. We soaked up the last few days of summer, finally finished my craft room (just in time to move…of course), visited some animals at the county fairs, & spent my nights alone eating Starbucks & Cookie Dough…which led to my crash diet here & here. (oopsey!)


August was still a month apart but a step closer to getting the move finalized. I missed my first sorority recruitment in five years…for those who have been there totally get why this is a biggie. Uhg..growing up! Our friends Dana & Kurt got hitched. We spent the weekend exploring our new home, a road trip to Tennessee, & Axe Man’s feet officially got as big as mine!


FINALLY! I got a new job & sealed the deal with moving North! Before the big movie I cut 12+ inches of my hair for the Pantene Pro-V Ponytail Challenge, Coordinated my first wedding, & participated in some football fun! And…

…I started my NEW job! Praise for a plan way greater than anything I could try to plan for myself!!

July, August, & September was definitely a trying three months for our family, but it was worth every trial. God has such a greater plan & it’s amazing that I could ever think my ways would be better! 


A few weeks ago I posted about Kasey’s Christmas Swap here.

I was so excited to get paired up with Diana over at From Rags to Northrich for the swap. {Since it’s Monday now & she’s posted her kitchen reveal, y’all HAVE to go check it out!} When I received my gift I couldn’t wait to open it! 

How cute is that paper?!

Inside was lots of goodies!! 

The card alone was just perfect! A wood “Joy to the World” Ornament with a sweet note from Diana! Next was a jeweled headband that I absolutely LOVE!! It’s SO me! AND there was more…a sweet car coaster that “Pray More, Worry Less”. Considering I need this preached daily to me & I travel a lot for work, this little guy really is perfect for me!! What a great gift?! 

Selfie sporting my new gift!

The gift however is not the only reason I am so grateful for the Christmas Swap! I was not able to get some great goodies, but I also made more than one new friends…priceless!


Handmade Christmas Packaging! 

This year I chose brown and red craft paper & patterned ribbon rather than the usual decorated paper! I loved the fun ribbons I was able to work with as well as the accents I added to the packages. From burlap ornaments to bells & buttons…this year’s packages are by far my favorite! 

Here’s a sneak peak…


Family Christmases!

One thing I love about being married is the fact that you are always making new traditions & continuing old ones! This year with living so far away Luke & I had to celebrate early in order to make the holiday schedule work. If you would have told me this a few months ago I would have totally laughed & said “No Way!” but there’s no time like the present…so we opened presents! (Wow, that was cheesy!)  I’ve loved being able to show off my hubby’s great taste at all my family’s Christmases and now we are off to celebrate in Tennessee! The more the merrier right?!

Frankly my dear…Happy Christmas Week!

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