Weekend Shenanigans: Delightful December

This past weekend was exactly what every weekend should look like! Date night, Breakfast in Bed, Shopping Trip, Wine Tasting, & Time with my two boys! Perfect!

Friday was our weekly date night to BWW followed by some UK basketball! 

Saturday was phenomenal! It started with breakfast in bed, followed by a trip to Petsmart with the puppy child to see Santa! 

Isn’t he the cutest?!

He even got an early Christmas present…a new house!

It’s safe to say it’s big enough…He’s not spoiled…AT all!

My favorite part of the day though would definitely have to go to the wine tasting & “Jolly Juice” Wine Slushies…yes, they’re a real thing and they are too.die.for.

The rest of Saturday was spent wrapping presents, watching football, & snuggling by the fire! 

Sunday we went to church & had an incredible breakfast at a local restaurant..complete with Almond Joy crepes! Uhg! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE food?!

An afternoon Mani/Pedi, Target run, home-cooked dinner, Christmas Cards, & crafts with the fam filled the rest of the day! Perfect ending to a great weekend!

Axe Man’s First Christmas Ornament

Frankly my dear…isn’t December Delightful!?

What did your weekend shenanigans consist of?! Link up with Sami & I on her blog!

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