Five on Friday {2014 Edition}

It’s the FIRST Friday of 2014, Y’all! 

A bright shiny year to MAKE. THINGS. HAPPEN. 

Yep, I am doing Five things I will make happen this year.


Put Away Fear.


There are so many things we are afraid of but one that I am truly going to put away this year is caring what other people think. I do care. A. Lot. So this will be a challenge for me, but that’s what this is all about, right? Freeing ourselves from worry, stress, & negativity that we get bogged down by obsessing what others (who, let’s be honest…don’t matter) think. 

Here’s a little quick story…just yesterday I posted a couple times about my (exciting) experiences with Lara Casey & #2014GoalSetting. I thought to myself, I wonder if someone will think I am annoying with all these posts. Really?! I am so fired up about this, yet I think how others will view them as. NO. This is the year I will say NO. to that. 

I am put here for a purpose and I am gonna share it.




This is a vague one. There are so many areas I want to grow in…

…loving my husband…

…meeting new friends…

…reading 14 books in 14…

…memorizing scripture…

…the list could go on & on. I plan to narrow this one down as I go.


Be Intentional.

LOVE Emily Ley!!

This is also a pretty broad one, and also one that I work to narrow down as I complete the #2014GoalSetting Process. I want to be intentional about many of the “fun” things in my life liiiike…
…spending money (see next one)…
…and lots more. These are those “grey areas” that we do as hobbies & good deeds. In 2014 I want to make those THINGS intentional for God.


New Year’s Day Luke & I laid in bed and talked out some of our goals for 2014. We came up with several great things we want to accomplish but one important was to put away impulse buying. (his idea by the way.) We are both impulsive buyers. Not necessarily on the surface, but if we want something, we using go for it. So this year, we both want to say NO. to that too. Saving is in his nature, not mine. So this will be another challenge that we will have to work out together.


A friend of mine, Hope, is doing the Contentment Challenge. Lara has talked about it on her blog too and it is something I am really considering but haven’t committed to it yet. It would be a great way to accomplish this goal, so why haven’t I started?


Spread Joy.

I stole this from my friend Whitney’s Instagram last night. Isn’t she GREAT with Chalk?

I’ve already posted about this one here so I won’t got into too much detail again.
Joy…genuine, true, heartfelt joy comes from the Lord.
It is something that cannot be hidden, contained, or faked.
It overflows from the heart and penetrates other’s hearts. 

THAT is what I want my 2014 to be characterized by.

Frankly my dear…I will make things happen in 2014.

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