Five on Friday (nashville, costco, lara, dessert, valentines}

Happy Friday Y’all!!
After being snowed in last week and a bit more accumulation this week, I think it’s safe to say I am ready for Spring! Thankfully, this week has been jammed packed with lots of work.
So this weekend I am so thankful for a little rest and re-lax-ation!



…yes I know…I did a television show last week (which started back up this week) BUT Nashville started back this week too & I am a huge fan!


I am officially old.

Last Saturday Kym (from Red, White, & Red Marine Life) and I met up for lunch and a little shopping…at Costco! Yep…we’re cool! She ended up with a 2.5 pound of spinach &I took home a bag of pretzel buns! Yum! Oh and some fresh flowers!


Lara Casey.

Y’all she’s phenomenal! I’ve talked about her power sheets before, but I attended a webinar on Wednesday & it was SO encouraging. She’s an absolute blessing in my life & I am always filled with something positive after reading/listening to her work.
You can find her here: website, facebook, & instagram.
If you follow me on instagram, you know I also received my Emily Ley Simplified Life Binder this week. Let’s just say I am pumped about my planning & goals (as if I wasn’t already).


Apparently I am obsessed with Cream brûlée…twice in one week y’all!

Saturday at the Brazilian Grill
Tuesday at the Chinese restaurant…in a wonton. Genius! 

I’ve got to find my own recipe….any suggestions?! 


Valentine’s Day
Anyone else’s Pinterest looking similar to mine?!….

I love valentine’s! To me it’s not about the gifts or the chocolates (although I DO love chocolate). It’s about celebrating love. Celebrating it with my husband, my family, my friends…it’s such a lovely holiday & I am excited to spread a little joy this Valentine’s Day!

Frankly my dear…here’s to a weekend of R&R!

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