Five on Friday {pen pals, influence, cookies, C+T, & new look}

It’s hard to believe that we are already four weeks through 2014! If the rest of the year flies by as quick as January has, I better start Christmas shopping tomorrow! ha! I hope your week was great, but that your weekend will be even better! On to Five on Friday….


Pen Pals

When I was younger, my family would spend most of your summers at the campground. I would meet lots of new friends from different places and the only way to stay in touch was through letters. (Yes, there was life before cell phones! I can hardly believe it either!) I absolutely loved sending letters then…almost as much as I do now! Right now I have three pen pals: Khala from The Birdie Bowl, Hope from Taste & See, and Taylor from Taylored & Turquoise. Between the adorable stationary & sweet notes, I just can’t get enough! Snail Mail is so much fun…I don’t care how old you are!  If you want to join the pen pal gang let me know! 


The Influence Network

I first heard of The Influence Network from my friend Hope. I did some investigating and it sounded like something I would totally be interested in. I pulled the information below is from their website:

THE INFLUENCE NETWORK is for creatively minded women, who are looking for an uplifting community where they can be encouraged and also resourced to make their online lives MEAN SOMETHING.

So far I have just joined the community but yet to take full advantage of it. There are forums, classes, & other articles that help members learn more about social media and how to make their online lives meaningful. I can tell there are so many exciting resources and I cannot wait to explore! For more information, visit their website!


Girl Scout Cookies

I just have to through it out there that the purple box will always be known as Samoas….not Carmel deLites. Anyone else agree?! 


Cory & Topanga are BACK!!!

That’s right!! Disney has officially picked up the show (now called Girl Meets World) to be aired sometime this year! I wasn’t able to find ALL the details but here’s a link to what I’ve found. 

Who else is totally PUMPED about this?!


A Facelift…

it’s true! Frankly My Dear…is about to get a new look! I am so pumped about this decision & can’t wait to share it with y’all! For now I will leave you with a sneak peak…enjoy!

Frankly my dear…Stay Warm Y’all!!

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