Five on Friday {reading, TV, coffee, boots, & snow}

HEL-LO Friday! Y’all I am totally ready for this first week of 2014 to be complete. I know that sounds like I am wishing my life away, but with 14+ inches of snow on the ground…this girl is ready to get back to work! But with Friday means Five on Friday!!! As usual I am linking up with Darci, Christina, April & Natasha for best link-up of the week….


Wife After God

Since the beginning of the year I have joined Elise from Cheer’s Y’all in reading the 30 day devotional Wife After God. It’s heart changing & I absolutely love it! God had a plan for me to become a wife, my plan did not stop there. Luke & I have a life together that is not about us, but to bring glory to God. 


The Blacklist

…this show y’all…I. LOVE IT. Luke & I are obsessed. I DVR’d it all fall and we just started watching it this week. Let’s just say we are glued to the television…can you tell we were snowed in for a few days?!

Obvi that is Law & Order live…obsessed with that too!

Are any of you Blacklist Junkies like us?! 


Bean Boots!

So these were my Christmas present (from Santa of course!) & I have been wearing them nonstop sense the snow came. (aka New Year!) Let’s just say they weren’t quite tall enough for all the snow…but well worth it!

Getting the mail earlier this week…really?! I need to move BACK South!


Starbuck’s Carmel Flan Latte
Have y’all tried this yet?! To. Die. For.
Trust me on this one y’all!


What kind of Five on Friday would it be without loving the snow?!
I posted about our snowman here but here’s another picture of our delightful pooch!
Come on y’all, isnt he the cutest….in his jacket?!?! OMG.
(If I am this way with a dog…how will I be with our human child…really?!)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I am so glad you dropped in! PLEASE, leave me a note…I would love to connect with you! 🙂

Frankly my dear…off to play in the snow!

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