Five on Friday {Got my Fix!}

HEL-LO Friday! You never looked so good! 

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Today I am so excited to share with you a new obsession of mine — Stitch Fix!!

I first heard about it from Naptime Diaries & knew it was ideal for the style deprived like me. I ordered my fix a couple weeks ago & scheduled it for this week. Perfect timing as we had yet another eight inches of snow Wednesday. Not even kidding.

So…What is Stitch Fix?! 
Let me explain!
It is an online personal stylist! You create an account & fill out an extremely detailed profile about you – your body type, current style, desired style, budget, etc. You pay $20 to schedule a “fix” & your personal stylist gets busy creating a box full of goodies! Each box arrives at your doorstep with five items for you to try on. If you love everything, you keep it (and get a discount!). If there are items you don’t like, you simply send them back in the prepaid envelope. The best part is that you get to credit your $20 styling fee toward your purchase in your fix. If you choose to send everything back, no biggie, you’re only out the styling fee.

NOW…onto my five items!!

Who doesn’t want a personal stylist?

Pomelo Anise Striped Vest

This vest y’all…I am IN LOVE! It’s perfect for this time of year. I love that I can wear it now with a cute sweater & skinny jeans or even when it gets a little warmer with a lighter blouse & capris…maybe with some nautical accents?! Love it! Definitely keeping this find!

Under Skies Kerman Blouse

Next out of my box was this ah-mazing blouse! I was immediately drawn to the lovely spring shades & the lightness of the material. I thought I would have to wear a tank underneath it, but I don’t! It’s also a keeper.

Moon Collections Alexander Aztec Knit Drape Cardigan

I am a sucker for chunky sweaters! Luke so lovingly calls them “my carpets” but I just go with it..ha! I am really loving this Aztec pattern & the colors are great. If I would have gotten it a couple months ago I totally would have taken it straight to the closet. But today, I am a little hesitant. I am super ready for Spring & with the heaviness of this cardi, I think I am going to pass.

41Hawthorn Maddy Ponte Fit & Flare Dress

Oh the little black dress. It’s a staple in any ladies wardrobe. And this one is great! Super comfy, flattering, & business or party ready…but I have like 3 of them already. So it’s a no go, unfortunately.

Bay to Baubles Raelynn Knot Cluster Necklace

And last but not least…this gold necklace! I absolutely love that my stylist thought to send some accessories! I am a total looser when it comes to accessories. I’ll be honest; I’ve been wearing the same pearl earrings almost every day since my freshman year of college. I just am terrible at styling them & usually tend to through another shirt in the basket instead. Back to the necklace…I like it, but it’s a bit on the expensive side for its design. I just feel like I can get a similar necklace somewhere else for cheaper. I also just got a gold monogram necklace for my birthday so I will be rocking that one for a while!

The final step is to hang up my two new awesome pieces of clothing in my closet & send the other three in the prepaid envelope that came in my box. I will also get back online & let them know what’s coming back…(and schedule my next dose of style!). 

Easy as that…you’re done!

So…what did y’all think? Isn’t Stitch Fix awesome?! I am already day dreaming about my next one! 

One of my absolute favorite parts about Stitch Fix is that all these goodies arrive at your doorstep ready for you to try on…in the comfort of your own home! I love getting to pair my “fix” items with other things I already have in my closet! Another fun fact is that you don’t have to sign up monthly if you don’t want too. No automatic payments or surprises. I love that! And how awesome would it be to give your best friend for her birthday or a little pick me up?!

There are some really great perks too, for instance for every referral you get, you receive $25 credit. That’s free clothes y’all! I would be totally pumped if you used my referral link, but definitely don’t feel obligated! 

Just click on over, see what it’s about & get your fix! You’ll be hooked!

Happy Weekend, Friends!

Frankly my dear…get your fix!

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