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Frankly My Dear has been growing so much in the last several months & I am pumped to announce I will be accepting sponsorships in April 2014.

Sponsorships will begin April 1st, 2014.Each space will run for one month.All details will be managed on the Sponsor Tab.

Burlap Banner Ad Space

If you’re looking for maximum exposure to every reader who visits my blog, the Burlap Banner is for you! This ad space is a 600×100 banner that will be displayed underneath my signature on each and every post I have for 30 days straight. You will also receive an individual guest post as well as social media shout-outs throughout the month. There is only one Burlap Banner Space available and you can check out a preview at the bottom of this post.

Quart Mason Jar Ad Space

The Quart Jar is the best of the best on the sidebar! This 250×250 space will feature your button at the top of the bar for ideal exposure. It will be displayed for 30 days & an individual guest post or giveaway. I will also genuinely promote your business or blog at least three times through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram throughout the month. There is one Quart Mason Jar space available.

Pint Mason Jar Ad Space

On the shelf below the Quarts, you’ll find the Pint Jars. This 250×250 space will display your button ad on the sidebar as well as give you a spot in my Sponsor Spotlight Feature. I will do a short interview with you and pick some of my favorite posts of yours to include in the post. You’ll also receive a shout out across social media separate from the Sponsor Spotlight. There are four Pint Mason Jar spaces available.

I am beyond excited to work with you & I cannot wait to feature some exciting new people on my blog! I have personally seen the benefits of partnering with other bloggy friends to support them & grow my own blog through sponsorship.

I hope you will join me in this fun opportunity & I can’t wait to hear from you!
You can find pricing & all other details on the Sponsor Tab!

Frankly my dear…Join the Sponsor fun!

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