Five on Friday {Day Off}

Good Morning, Friday!

Isn’t it beautiful?! It may have rained for like three days straight, but isnt that what they say, “April showers bring May flowers?!” Well bring them on I say!

This weekend I am taking Five on Friday off to enjoy some quality time with friends & family at home. I love spending time with people that matter most and in an effort to be more intentional, they’re coming first today.

I’ve been telling you all about my dear friend fighting cancer, will you continue to remember her?

1 Thessalonians reads “Pray without ceasing.” That’s what we need, friends!

Here we are in 2012 at a Breast Cancer Walk. It was an amazing day I pray we will have many more! You can read more about her here!!

Have a blessed weekend, friends!!

Frankly my dear…be intentional this weekend!

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