Five on Friday {SPRING!}


I am so thankful for a weekend at home! I’ve been working on my spring cleaning & can’t wait to finish it this weekend! And get things all ready for NEXT weekend…the Derby Party! YAY!

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Ever since I was young I have been totally obsessed with sorbet! Maybe it’s the deadly combination of sweet, delicious lightness, but I am addicted. SO this last week at Costco (don’t even get me started) I found a whole box of them…be still my heart! From pineapple IN a half pineapple to coconut IN a coconut…yes. 

Kentucky Derby Tea

Yes, Yes…I covered this last week. But a little update on my party…

1. I have a hat…it’s TO. DIE. FOR.
2. I have a menu…all traditional Kentucky Faves!
3. There may or may not be gold horses & horseshoe prizes.
4. My husband is super jealous he’s not invited.

The Color Wheel

Among my many other obsessions, the color wheel truly has my heart. Come on ladies, let’s be honest. What’s better than all those beautiful options?! Yep…I knew we were on the same page!

SO…what colors are you loving this Spring?
Are you strictly polish, acrylics, shellac?!
I need to know! 


Each season I find a new candle from Bath & Body Works that burns 24-7! This Spring it’s Vineyard!!

What candle is burning in your house now?

That New Car Scent

So I needed an oil change…there was an hour wait…so I test drove a BRAND NEW car…no big right?!
…Said NO woman ever. 

Oh geez friends…what have I done?

How about you?! What are your plans this weekend?! Whatever they may be…ENJOY!

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Frankly my dear…get out & enjoy your weekend!!

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