March Recap + April Goals

Happy Thursday, Y’all!

I was totally MIA on Monday & I blame it on the weekend…Two Words. GO CATS!!!!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw all the mayhem! But if not…we’re going to the final four, y’all!!

Post Game…So unreal!

Annnnddd this week we are back to reality & slightly sleep deprived! But totally worth it!

My monthly  goals have been one of my favorite posts each month. I love it even more that I can see how much more productive intentional living can be…who knew?! (totally being sarcastic there.)

Looking back over March’s goals, I am satisfied, but still room for improvement!

Drink more water. Thanks to the plastic mason jar cups from Target, I am happy to say this one is going great!! 

Blog Editorial Calendar. The sticky note calendar is absolutely genius! Here’s a peek but I can’t wait to share all about!

Launch the Snail Mail Exchange…womp womp womb…To Be Continued. 

Decorate for St. Patrick’s Day & make something festive. Check! I shared some decor here & even created a new wreath. Decorating for holidays is my fave! 

Volunteer somewhere in Fort Wayne. Sort of. Luke & I have signed up for volunteer opportunities at the church but we haven’t gotten too yet. It’s safe to say we are in the process. 

Take an online class that challenges me. YES! Influence Network. Read about it here

Do something special for Luke’s Birthday. Birthday cake + cupcakes & date night = huge success! 

Use my prayer journal. Honestly I am ashamed to admit, but I get a big fat F on this one!! 🙁  I definitely need more of this structure in my prayer life.

Host a Giveaway. Yes, YEs, & YES – Three in fact! You can check out the winners for two of them Here AND Here

Read more. Something else I need more of in my life that seemed to take a back burner. I am so sad to say that, but I am just being honest. April will be my month. 

Make a plan for organizing winter clothes. Another big fat NO! Mostly because I am still wearing them…so that doesn’t count right?!

The beauty of this exercise is seeing you can achieve things in one month….just get started & do them!
And if not, well, there’s always the next month. Onto April…

Continued from last month…
Launch Snail Mail Exchange
Use my Prayer Journal
Read More
Organize Winter Clothes.

1. Be more intentional – could we get any broader?! It’s at that point y’all! I need to be more intentional with my time, my money, my job, & my spiritual life. There’s so many things to accomplish that will never happen if I don’t focus.

2. Eat more veggies. 

3. Spring Clean our apartment. – Maybe I should come up with a calendar, I always work better with a list. Can I get an Amen?!

4. Date Night Questions – In our small group at church, we always talk about date night questions. Each date, we ask each other – in a non-conflict setting – ONE thing I am doing well & ONE thing I could improve upon. Each listens – without making excuses (talking to myself here!) or giving their two cents! It may be hard, but it’s totally worth it!

5. Join the gym. – I know these are my goals, but do I have too?! Our new friends want to join so what’s better motivation…right?!

6. Plan a coffee date with one old friend & one new friend! – I was introduced to a new friend several weeks ago & schedules haven’t allowed us to meet in person – so this month I am MAKING that happen. I also think it would be great to catch up with an old friend, so coffee it is!

7. Learn something new about myself. 

Do you have any April Goals? I would love to share in encouraging you as well!

Frankly my dear…let’s get motivated…and GO CATS!

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