Monday Motivation {Workout}

Happy Monday, Friends!

How was your weekend?
Considering mine was spent with friends & family AND the CATS won…it was pretty great!

IF you missed the game Saturday & need a little recap check out the video below…it’s all you need to know!

Final Four Viewing Party Clip 4 from UK CSF on Vimeo.

This also happened this weekend….

I am one step closer to achieving this month’s goal of joining the gym…with new tennis shoes

I chose the Nike Free because they are so lightweight & comfortable. They’re flexible, roomie, & cute too. 

I figured that since I am working my way to an official “gym member” I better get a few things in line… 

 …Workout Plan…

There’s a bagillion of these on Pinterest but the ones that catch my eye the most are the simple, not-so advanced or time consuming ones. Is that bad? Listen, I got to start somewhere, right?



…Workout Food…

What kind of motivation would this be without food?! I am sure I don’t have to tell y’all, but I love food. Cook, Bake, Eat….I do it all! So of course it’s on the list. Working out is only one step in the right direction, eating well must become a lifestyle for it to become sustainable.


…Workout Music…

Nothing makes a good workout flow easier than a good playlist. There are tons of great tunes out there to keep you moving. Here’s a list I came across on…you guessed it…Pinterest!



…Workout Clothes…

Let’s be honest here…all I really want is some new clothes & a smokin’ body. Let’s start with some great new workout clothes, shall we?!


…Workout Partner…

Now that I finally have an awesome new friend, I am officially deeming her my workout partner…lucky her!
After all, who could do this on their own?


Do any of y’all have great gym routines?! Help a sister out & have a great week!

Frankly my dear…Hello Gym Membership!

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