Tuesday Tea {Sweet Spring Surprise}

Happy Tuesday Tea, Friends!

With Easter just around the corner, I thought a sweet little Spring treat would be great to share.

A few year’s ago when my mom taught a small girls class at church, she would always have these great craft ideas & activities to do with them I distinctly remember one of those ideas & that’s what I’ll be sharing with you today – Carrot Snack Bags!
Noo…not like the carrots in your lunch bag, I’m talking about candy filled treats!

What you’ll need:
Orange Sixlets. (I snagged mine at Party City in the “Candy by Color” aisle for $5.99 – and they’re Gluten Free!!)
-Orange triangle sacks (also from Party City for a whole 99 cents)
Cute Ribbon of your choice. (Purchased mine on sale from Hobby Lobby, also for 99 cents)
Card stock + Hole Punch for Tags (optional)

The process is simple & super cost efficient. For less than $10 you’ve got a great activity to do with the kids AND a tasty snack to send in lunch boxes, handout to teachers/coworkers, or just additional treat for your Easter Baskets!


Open sacks wide, cuffed in your hand, & pour Sixlets (or candy/food of choice) about 2/3 full.
You want to make sure not to overfill or it will be hard to tie the top with ribbon.

Twist the bag from the top & secure with ribbon.

I found these great “Happy Easter” tags with a carrot on them from Lolly Jane. They’re perfect for these sweet carrot snacks. Visit her website to learn more about the printable!

Printable Tags via LollyJane.com

Aren’t they great for these treats? I thought they’d be nice with a sweet note or scripture handwritten on them too!
Make sure to visit LollyJane for all the information – I definitely just found the tags on Pinterest!

Don’t like chocolate or candy?! No problem….

My favorite part of these quick & inexpensive snacks is that it’s a great activity to with kids & they’re completely customizable. From candy to snack crackers, these little carrot bags are great for lunch box surprises, Easter baskets, school parties, teacher/co-worker treats, or just a word of an encouragement to someone who needs it!

I hope you’re having a great week & I’m thankful you dropped in!

Frankly my dear…Spring is here!

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