Boundaries {Wednesday in the Word…on Thursday}

Happy Wednesday Thursday, Friends!

Hope your short week is going well so far. I’ve gotten behind in my days & some crazy things have been happening lately.
I bought a car yesterday…Yes a CAR! What?! Not what I expected. Annnnd…
We officially get the keys to our new home THIS MORNING. I CAN-NOT wait.

In my usual Wednesday fashion (on Thursday), I’ll be sharing my Wednesday in the Word, but not without first sending you over to Marley Lilly’s Blog, The Monogrammed Life! Yesterday they featured one of my posts so go check it out & spread the love!

Now, on to today’s Wednesday Thursday in the Word.

I’ve been talking a lot about contentment & time management lately but Tuesday night, the light bulb finally clicked. I’ve raved about the Influence Network before, but last night I sat through a class with Nancy Ray & I am forever blessed.

Her whole topic was about setting boundaries. Boundaries for time, finances, health, & everything in between. Nancy gave an incredibly refreshing, applicable message that every Christian woman should listen too with regards to boundaries.

We were created by God for his Glory. Period. The way we live our lives is a direct representation of how we manage the gifts he has given us. From the time we have to the food we eat, we are a stewards of God’s creation. Nancy talked about that in her class with such perspective & I am missing that in my life. Too often I find myself diving head first into impulsive (hello, new car!) decisions, feelings, & situations that I tend to miss the whole stewards for God thing.

When we examine Jesus’ life, we see the perfect role model of boundaries. Countless times we see him setting guidelines for his basic needs – food, rest, exercise (Matt 4:6-7; 28:18; John 12:2). We see his need for community (Matt 26:36-38) & boundaries for his quiet time with His Father. He also knew the idea of keeping a peace of mind was a way to glorify God (John 11:6, Mark 10:32).

The word boundaries can seem so limiting, so lame. But they are a complete necessity in the Christian walk. I went through a building convictions workshop in college & ever since I stumbled across the paper the other day, it has been on my heart so heavy. I’ll share it here soon, but for today I want us to examine our lives, our intentions, actions, & realistically ask ourselves, 

Am I pleasing God by doing this right now?”

Now time for a shameless plug for the Influence Network. I AM a member of this community but I do not get benefits for referring you. It is simply a gathering of all kinds of Christian woman in search of spreading their “influence” for the sake of the Gospel. There are classes, member activities, forums, & many other great opportunities to meet & share with other believers. I encourage you to check out the network today. I have made several new friendships & stregthened others through this organization & I pray I’ll meet you there soon!

Thanks so much for bearing with me through this crazy week. I am working on some exciting things coming up so don’t think I am going anywhere!

Have a lovely Friday Eve, Y’all!

Frankly my dear…set your boundaries!

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